Water Backup System

This service is only provided in areas within 40km from our premises in Honeydew. We go as far as Soweto in the South, Midrand in the North, Bedfordview in the East, and Krugersdorp in the West.


Windy Willows Water Storage Solutions.

Don’t be Caught Short on Water!  

Power interruptions have hindered the ability of councils to provide an uninterrupted water supply.  City reservoirs are running near empty, leading to water outages.Many neighbourhoods have suffered days with no water in their taps.


Windy Willows has the Water Backup System Solution!

Protect yourself and your family by installing a backup water tank and system.   There are multiple options to choose from, starting from as low as R6,850.

The water backup system can also be designed to collect rainwater and reduce your water bills in summer.



Option 1 – A Water Tank with Automatic Refill from the Mains

A water storage tank is installed and connected to the municipal water feed and the house plumbing system.  The water tank is filled from the mains.  Once full, a valve closes off the tank and water runs as usual from the mains into the house.  When municipal water is unavailable, water is sourced from the tank and a pressure pump is used to pump water into the house or a garden hosepipe.  When the municipal supply is restored, the tank is refilled once again from the mains.


The average person uses up to 250L of water per day, which means a four-person household needs 1,000L per day.  A 2,000L water tank would provide two days back-up; bigger and smaller water tanks are also available.


The water tanks carry an 8 year warranty if mounted correctly on a level concrete surface.


Option 2 – A Water Storage tank with Manual Usage and Refilling

This is a lower cost option for those who prefer to implement in phases.


The water tank is filled by hosepipe and kept full for when there is a water shortage or water outage. Connecting a tap to the tank allows you to decant water into a bucket for use in the home or garden.  A hosepipe can also be fitted to the tank.


Option 3 – Combine Water Storage with Rainwater Harvesting

This is a more expensive option to install but you will realise savings during the rainy season when your water tank is filled by rainwater collected from your roof.


Collecting rainwater will also relieve pressure on the dams which provide water for the city.


The water tanks can be used to water your garden and also double as a water backup system.  A float valve ensures that there is always a minimum amount of water stored in the tanks.  If the water drops below this level, the tank is automatically filled from the mains.


A leaf catcher and filter is used to clean the water before it enters the tank.  If the water is to be used in the house, it can be further cleaned with a counter-top filter.


See our page for Rainwater Harvesting for more details.


Ongoing maintenance

Water in a closed water tank remains fresh for up to three months.  Rotating the water on a regular basis by using and refilling one quarter of the tank every month will keep it fresh for longer.


For additional protection, chlorine can be added to prevent the growth of bacteria.  Chlorine tablets or a pool floater are ideal for this purpose.


It is recommended that the tank be emptied and rinsed, to remove any sediment, approximately once a year.


We offer a turnkey operation for the installation of our water Backup system, including the cement base. Our experience in landscaping, irrigation, and rainwater harvesting allows us to seamlessly integrate all the necessary components. We also provide repair services, however, please note that there is a call-out fee for this service.


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