This service is only provided in areas within 40km from our premises in Honeydew. We go as far as Soweto in the South, Midrand in the North, Bedfordview in the East, and Krugersdorp in the West.

Irrigation systems

Save water by automating your garden irrigation

Group your plants according to their water requirements and only provide the water the plants need

Install separate irrigation zones for the flower beds and for the grass. Grass will not die if left without water over winter whereas areas of the garden may need constant water.

Pop-up sprinklers are typically used for grass areas as they disappear when not in use.

Risers are used for flower beds to allow the water to spray above the plant level.

Micro misters are used for narrow beds and to cover difficult to reach areas in the flower beds.

Manual irrigation systems are cheaper to install but require the separate taps to be switched on and off every 8 / 10 minutes.

An automated irrigation system is driven by a controller and solenoids (electronic taps) which switch on and off at pre-determined intervals and without human intervention. This enables you to control the time that the irrigation switches on and off to avoid watering in the heat of the day.

The cost of an irrigation system depends on the number of zones (solenoids with between 4
and 8 risers or pop-ups per zone). The greater the water pressure the fewer zones will be

Our landscaper will measure the property and prepare an irrigation plan. The cost of this is
included in the landscaping consultation.

The automated controller is an optional extra. Other extra’s include rain sensors (which switch
the irrigation system off during rain); pressure pumps and water tanks (which are used if the
water pressure is too low to drive an automated irrigation system).