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Windy Willows is a wholesale growing nursery located at Glover Road in Honeydew, Johannesburg. Only ten minutes from the Northgate Shopping Centre, you can easily buy direct from the farm at wholesale prices. Windy Willows stocks over 300 varieties of trees, shrubs, perennials, groundcovers and selected herbs. We stock both indigenous and exotic plants.

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Seniors Discounts on Wednesdays – Click HERE.

We carry both indigenous and exotic plants. Use our Plant Selector to narrow down your choice. Companies working in the green industry, developers, schools, housing estates and shopping complexes, can register and receive further discounts.

Too much work? Ask for a quote to let one of our landscaping teams do the planting for you. No job is too small.




Windy Willows offers a full range of landscaping services to members of the public. See the landscaping page for more details.




Irrigation systems are a good investment. They can save you water and ensure that your plants will not die, even when you are away. Check the irrigation page to see what options are available.


rainwater harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting

Beat the droughts or water outages.

Building on our expertise in irrigation, we can custom design and install a rain water harvesting system according to your budget.