Landscaping: The Best Way To Create the Garden of Your Dreams

If you’re looking to upgrade your garden and get some professional insight, then it’s time to book a landscaping consultation with one of our qualified landscapers. Here at Windy Willows, we offer two specialised services for anyone who wants to take their garden to the next level by making use of a landscaping service. Customers can bring a photograph or diagram of their garden to our nursery and one of our friendly staff members will happily offer advice on what plants will work best in the garden and where they should be planted. We also offer a more in-depth analysis from the comfort of your home. For a modest fee, one of our landscapers will come to your home and help you design your dream garden. If you live in the Roodepoort area, get in touch with us today. Landscaping has numerous benefits and the consultation can cover a range of important topics including:


  • Making your garden more water-wise and grouping plants on the basis of their watering needs.
  • Introducing more indigenous plants into your space.
  • Planting trees to attract birds or insects.
  • Choosing trees with non-invasive root systems.
  • Preparing flowerbeds.
  • Choosing plants that suit your garden’s sun and shade characteristics.


garden landscaping

Landscaping thus has a wide range of benefits and allows clients to create an aesthetically pleasing garden that has practicality at the fore. If you’ve always dreamed of starting a veggie patch, want to create a space that boasts only indigenous plants, or have plans to turn your garden into a sanctuary, then get in touch today. We can design gardens to suit your unique style needs and fits your budget – and each consultation prioritises the client’s personal goals. Our landscaping options also include patios, retaining walls, water features, paving, planter boxes, and cobble edging.


Why Windy Willows is Your Best Bet When It Comes to Landscaping

We’re a wholesale nursery with ample experience when it comes to landscaping. Our professional team members are passionate about landscaping design and professional installation and they love nothing more than seeing a gardening project come to fruition. We propagate and sell over 200 types of plants including shrubs, trees, ground covers, grass, and perennial flowers. Our vast knowledge of plants and our unbeatable prices make us a top choice when it comes to landscaping. We can design and install the garden of your dreams and give clients the option to install it in stages. If customers spend over R7000 on plants they will also receive half of their design fee back and those who spend over R14000 will receive the entire amount back. We believe in rewarding our loyal customers and also offer a discount for seniors every Wednesday.

If you want to make those dreams of the perfect a reality, then it’s time to visit our nursery and chat to one of our experienced landscapers. We’ll tailor a specialised design plan to meet your personal needs and bring you that garden you’ve been dreaming of.