Landscaping Designs and Services to Transform Your Outdoor Space

Through the power of landscaping designs, you can turn your garden into an all-year oasis. Whether it’s winter or summer, there is no time like the present to start planning your next project to transform your outdoor space. At Windy Willows, we know that a garden can be a refuge, a place that inspires you and leaves you feeling mentally refreshed.


Landscaping Ideas to Transform Your Garden

There is a long list of stunning landscaping ideas, but it is difficult to decide on a few that could work for your space. Our list of options are top picks for sprucing up your space taking the guesswork out of what could work for you.

  • Fields of Lavender. If you have ever looked at a painting of a peaceful country landscape and wished you could live there, then wish no more! Filling your garden with lavender will transform your garden into a page straight out of a fairy tale. Not to mention the lovely smell that will fill your home when it blooms. If you prefer a more curated look, then use lavender to neatly line your garden paths, creating a wonderful aromatic pathway to your front door, for example.
  • A White Picket Fence. A quaintly picturesque add-on to a garden is a small wooden fence. Whether you use it to encircle your entire property or simply your flower beds, there’s no denying the nostalgic feeling a white picket fence can evoke (even if you didn’t grow up with one).
  • Green Fences. Some may prefer a more natural aesthetic to their garden. This means that perhaps a normal fence may detract from the desired look and feel of the space. Instead of using fences, why not replace them with hedges? We suggest either Dwarf Heavenly Bamboo or Confetti Bush to line your garden with colour. Larger bushes, like hydrangeas, can even create a flower wall, and the leaves could provide soundproofing as well as privacy.
  • Geometric Patterns. If you find peace in order, then you may benefit from a more structured garden. Combine pathways with hedges and neat flower beds to create geometric shapes throughout your garden.
  • A Sociable Pit. A true South African enjoys nothing more than gathering around a fire for drinks, snacks and good conversations. Building a fire pit in the centre of your garden will act as an attention-grabbing feature. Surround it with chairs or benches to create the perfect, cosy gathering place for your family and friends. This feature can even be enjoyed on colder winter nights.
  • Natural Shading. Despite our winters, the harsh African sun continues to beat down on us. If you want to spend time outdoors, it may be a good idea to invest in some shading. No form of shading is quite as appealing and eye-catching as a tree. Trees provide natural shade for you and your garden, adding to the natural beauty of your space. Some of the best trees when it comes to shading are the Chinese Hackberry and White Stinkwood. Make your tree sparkle at night by hanging some fairy lights or lanterns from its branches for a truly magical feel.
  • Designated Play Areas. If you have children or are thinking of starting a family, you may want to consider how you can incorporate play areas into your next landscaping Why not plant trees that can eventually become home to a tree house and rope swings? Add a natural sandpit, and make sure to level an area in your garden for the little ones to safely run around and their ride bicycles on. You will be creating years of excellent childhood memories while also encouraging your children to play outside.

Are you inspired by these landscaping ideas but don’t know how to get started? Contact us today and get in touch with our professional landscaper for expert advice and guidance on your next landscaping project.