Water Backup System Solutions to Safeguard Your Plants

It can be tricky to keep our garden looking healthy with water shortages during the drier months. Safeguarding your plants can be easy and simple with a water backup system. There are a multitude of benefits to having a water tank other than keeping your garden healthy. At Windy Willows we have the latest in water backup system solutions for your home and garden.


Water Backup System Solutions

Nowadays, having a water backup system can save you a lot of time, stress, and money. These systems are not limited to simply having a water tank, there are a number of options for you to choose from when it comes to installation and how you aim to use the water backup system. These options include:

  • A water tank that automatically refills from the mains, which means that your system will only kick in when the municipal water is unavailable.
  • A water tank that is used and refilled manually, that gives you control over how and when the backup water is used.
  • Combine water storage with rainwater harvesting, which is an environmentally friendly option that can save you a lot of money in the long term.

Whichever option you pick, rest assured that our landscaping services are second to none and that our experts will be there to help you install your system, cement base and all.

Benefits of a Water Backup System

Having access to an ample water supply for your garden isn’t the only advantage that you will gain from installing a water backup system. Additional benefits can include:

  • Water Conservation. Groundwater levels and resources are depleting rapidly in many urban areas, which can have a devastating impact on the ecosystem. This directly impacts the amount of water available to people in urban areas and may lead to water restrictions and shutdowns. The need for water-treatment facilities leads to more greenhouse gas emissions and the consumption of huge amounts of energy.
  • Reduce Pressure on Infrastructure. The ability to collect rainwater and using it in your home and garden reduces your reliance on the municipal water systems. This in turn decreases the demand for water and water treatment, lessening the impact on the municipal water systems.
  • Access to an Alternative Water Source. Winter is considered a dry season here in Gauteng which could cause municipalities to implement certain water restrictions and even shut off the water completely in some places. This unfortunately leads to our plants not getting enough water. However, having a water tank gives you access to an alternative water source which means that your garden can receive enough irrigation to see it through winter.
  • Increase the Value of Your Property. More and more people are going green and turning their homes in to self-sustainable hubs. The addition of a water backup system and water tank may significantly increase the value of your property when you are ready to sell it.

If you would like to safeguard your plants and even the environment, consider installing a water tank today. At Windy Willows we will not only install the tank with all of its relevant components, hook it up to your home’s water system, and integrate it into your irrigation system, but we will also lay the cement base to keep your tank stable. With a water backup system, you will be able to keep your garden happy and healthy with little impact on your wallet. Watering your garden has never been this easy.

Contact us today to discuss the ideal water backup system solution for your home or alternatively visit our website to access our online shop.