Landscaping Services

Pay for a landscaping consultation and get your money back through your plant purchases.

Windy Willows offers a landscaping service for members of the public who would like to upgrade their gardens without having to take a second mortgage on the house!

Windy Willows offers free landscaping advice to members of the public. Just bring a diagram or photo of your garden to the nursery, together with the size of the beds, and we will provide advice on which plants to put where. Alternatively, for a modest fee*, you can get a two-hour consultation at your house with a trained landscaper.

Landscaping Advice

The landscaping advice will deal with those tricky issues, which often end up costing a lot of money, such as:

  • how to minimise water usage by grouping plants based on water requirements
  • how to introduce more succulents and indigenous plants into your garden
  • which plants to place in the front and which in the back;
  • which plants like sun and which like shade;
  • which plants are frost-sensitive and which are not;
  • which trees are suited to small gardens;
  • which trees have invasive root systems that are likely to damage foundations;
  • which trees and plants will attract bird and insect life;
  • how many of each plant is needed, and
  • how to prepare the flower beds, including what to add to the soil.

Important Info

Plants are grown and sold directly from the wholesale nursery with no additional markup.

You can choose to install the garden yourself, or have one of our trained landscaping teams implement for you, including planting and any paving or brickwork and irrigation.

You can install all at once or in stages, as your budget allows.

If you spend more than R7 000 on plant purchases, you will receive half of your design fee back as a discount. If you spend R14 000 or more on plant purchases, you will receive your whole design fee back as a discount.

* The fee for 2019-20 is R1 430 within 30km and R1 485 over 30km. Out of town consultations will cost R1 675. Prices are adjusted on 1 August each year.

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