Looking for Plants for Sale?

Plants for sale? Whoopy-doo. More like “heartbreak for sale” most times. The great unspoken tragedy of gardening in South Africa is the reality of return sales at most retail nurseries, and it is a tragedy because people are often returning to buy replacements for the last lot that died, not to continue a glorious landscape expansion. Retail shoppers buy plants because they look stunning in presentation on the shop floor at that moment, but suitability for their new home, care instructions, and legitimate performance expectations can all get lost in translation under those circumstances.

Plants For SaleIf you are looking for plants for sale that come with the promise of performance, because they are eminently suited to your desired installation conditions and locale, you simply have to buy from a grower. When a grower is offering plants for sale, they will be able to tell you everything you need to know about growth habits, feeding and watering requirements, reproductive abilities (Will this species drop seeds and come up all over my garden?), flowering frequency, common applications where the plants are ideally suited, and anything else considered essential for your success in the garden, not successful sales at the tills.


Plants for Sale Should Come with a Large Dose of Assurance

Plants die, just like all other living beings, it is true, and there is always a percentage of plants in a landscape that just never really take off and get on with it. That said, you can bring that percentage down to virtually nil (and up your ROI to the maximum) if you buy from a grower who has your interests at heart. The level of knowing and years of experience demanded of ornamental plant growers is enormous, and sharing in that allows you to make informed, successful choices when shopping plants for sale, replete with all needed intel around suitability, ultimate size, and planting and watering requirements.

The legacy division of retail and wholesale plant outlets has blurred over the last two decades, and that has been good news for consumers. Today, you can find a grower like Windy Willows propagating and cultivating a diverse range of trees, shrubs, and ground covers-while also carrying retail paraphernalia-and being geared up for more edifying and productive strolls through the nursery. Avoid the sense of failure and loss after buying colourful or otherwise eye-catching plants, only to watch them wither and die, by shopping right inside a fraternity store. Getting it from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, eliminates poor choices and the subsequent disappointment that results.


Windy Willows is a Grower That Cares

Windy Willows also has plants for sale, quite a number in fact, but the difference with us is that those will keep thriving long after you have planted them. Call on us for all your plant requirements, and we will make sure that you get plants that are consistently strong and healthy, highly suited to every nook and cranny of your garden, and sure to give you the effect you are after. There is no need to worry over whether plants will perform or deliver on their promise when you shop our nursery, because we are right there beside you, giving you the kind of information crucial for subsequent success

There are other benefits to making Windy Willows your preferred plant venue in Gauteng, and price is a big one. We are growers, that is what we do. Come in and let us show you exactly how to be a successful grower too-it will be our pleasure to help you make your garden the beautiful, soothing space it can be.