Outdoor Plant Landscaping Ideas: Transforming Your Outdoor Space with Plants


Starting or re-establishing a garden can be quite overwhelming. Deciding on which plants to buy, where to plant them, and whether you want to incorporate a water feature as a focal point or keep to the bare basics are all important decisions to make. Here to give you a helping hand is Windy Willows. As an established nursery, we can assist you in selecting the perfect plants for your outdoor space or, through our landscaping services, create your garden oasis for you.


From Plants to Private Spaces


To get you started with putting your dream garden to life, Windy Willows would like to share some helpful tips with you, including planting the best plants for the most luscious foliage and beautiful budding blooms.


  1. Choose a Central Place to Start

Sure, it’s easy to let your existing space dictate your garden design. Many budding gardeners start planting along their property line creating borders. This structured approach to plants may suit some but what if your dream garden includes a bountiful vegetable or herb patch, or a shady retreat? The key is to prioritise what you want and make that the central point to start envisioning the rest of your garden. From there, you can decide on hardscape features, traffic flow and views. By taking this approach, you will have a more cohesive layout reflecting your ultimate outdoor goal.


  1. Planting Before Planning Creates More Work

This may seem odd, but we would suggest that your plants are the last on your landscaping list, especially when you want to include hardscaping in your garden design. For example, if plants are planted before concrete stairs or a patio is erected, they will get trampled on. The natural gradient of the landscape will see to it that the plants grow undisturbed.


  1. Choosing Plants for Your Garden Sanctuary

Finding plants, trees and shrubbery that can flourish in your area is vital to the success of your dream garden. After the hardscaping, tend to the soil and get your trees and shrubs in first. If you select evergreens, you can enjoy full trees offering lots of shade throughout the year. Why not consider taking a selection of plants and making them the showpiece of your garden? We will help you mix and match greenery that speaks to you. You can also consider adding striking ornamental grasses that grow easily and bulbs that will add a splash of colour when in bloom. What we will give you is a vibrant garden that is alive with movement and layers of texture.


  1. Planting Close Together

If you are worried about what your garden will look like while you are waiting for your selection to grow, perhaps you should consider filling it with an array of flora. Densely planted gardens tend to get full faster and by planting them close together, you can minimise chores such as weeding, as the dense foliage protects the soil from germinating weeds and prevents evaporation.

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  1. Change the Way You View Privacy

Planting tall trees along your fence line to prevent prying eyes from peeping is all well and good, but it’s ideal to also make sure your patio area is pleasantly secluded. Here’s where a bit of strategic garden planning comes in. Positioning a beautiful, tall tree with a lush canopy at the corner of your patio cleverly shields it. If you don’t have space for trees, tall potted plants or decorative screens can do the job just as well by sectioning off your garden into tranquil and inviting areas for you to enjoy in peace.


Trust the Expert Landscapers


Ideally situated in Honeydew, Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery propagates and stocks over 200 varieties of trees, shrubs, perennials, groundcovers and grasses. Our knowledgeable team is fully au fait with the leading landscaping techniques and can assist you in turning your space into a haven of green.  to arrange a consultation with our landscaping professionals.

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