Buy Your Springtime Plants Online

Spring is around the corner and the sun is starting to melt the winter away. Unfortunately, chilly winds are still keeping us on our toes for now. Yes, it’s that frustrating time in-between seasons and living in weather limbo has left many of us feeling a little low. So, what’s the best way to combat the “it’s-just-not-spring-yet” blues? At Windy Willows, we propose to bring springtime to you. This is the perfect time to restock and buy yourself beautiful plants for your home. Nothing says “sunny fun” like a cute Guinea Fowl Aloe on your coffee table.


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Buying Plants Online

However, with cold fronts consistently stopping by, going outside and browsing at a nursery doesn’t exactly sound like fun. In fact, most people are choosing to stay indoors to wait out the cold weather.

Luckily, the modern age has offered plant lovers an alternative to shopping at a nursery location directly. Nowadays, many shoppers opt for buying their goods online and plants are not the exception. You can indeed order your plants and related items online and have them delivered to your door. Windy Willows also offers this convenient online service and can deliver anywhere within Gauteng.


Why Should You Buy Online?

While we know that buying anything online can be very convenient, you are probably seeking more benefits before you go on an online garden shopping spree. So, let’s have a look at some of the reasons we love to buy plant products online:


  • Convenience and Comfort. It’s always worth mentioning the convenience of buying your plants online. Instead of wandering through a nursery when the weather isn’t cooperating, you can simply have to visit the nursery’s website, select what products you want to purchase from the store and add them to your basket. With just a few clicks, you can purchase what you want and have it delivered right to your door. That sounds like a win to us.
  • Delivery On-Demand. Speaking of convenience and doorstep delivery, there’s another great benefit to jot down. Have you ever bought several items at a nursery and then had to stand awkwardly at the checkout trying to catch a staff member’s eye, hoping they will assist you to carry? Well, now that isn’t a problem, at least not for you. Someone else will load up your products and drive them right to you. It also removes the stress of carefully driving home with your precious new plant children while avoiding every bump in the road.
  • Money Saver. Due to the high level of competition, many online stores opt for more competitive prices. This means that you are more likely to save money when buying plants online. Not to mention the fact that it is easier to see if any items are on sale on a website.
  • More Choice. Since being online is not restricted to a physical space, the stock is less limited. And who doesn’t love having a ton of options when it comes to shopping? Are you looking for a flower to give as a gift? Try the Spotted Arum Lily. Maybe you would like to experiment with growing medicinal plants or want to start your own herb garden. Then, you can always purchase Rosemary to get started.
  • Stay Informed. Oftentimes it can be intimidating to choose on the spot. Maybe you have pets and don’t want to buy something potentially toxic for them. Perhaps you don’t know if your home is the ideal environment for that cute pot plant you saw on Pinterest. When shopping online, a quick Google search can give you more information before making a decision. Our online options also contain a wealth of information about each item so that you can choose wisely before purchasing.


If you’re looking for new plants to introduce some Spring magic to your garden, then contact Windy Willows or use our plant selector and shop online today.