Garden enthusiasts are striving to create aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces whether it encompasses growing your own bountiful bouquets, the comfort of cottage gardens or fragrant herbs reminiscent of the Mediterranean. Last year, plant nursery trends showcased that you can create your oasis of tranquillity and eye-catching arrays according to your taste, including taking away lawns and replacing them with water-wise and pollinator-friendly plants. As an established nursery, Window Willows embraces and applauds a theme of individuality and expression through your choice of plants, shrubbery or ground cover.


Getting the Most from Your Garden with a Plant Nursery’s Expert Advice

Unpredictable climate change has led gardeners to shop at a plant nursery in a different light by opting for more resilient plants and embracing new concepts. Sustainability is still at the forefront of garden design which includes mixing a variety of plants for increased biodiversity together with drought-resistant foliage and nectar-rich flora. Careful selection and knowledgeable advice from Windy Willows will have you grouping plants according to their water requirements, identifying the best foliage to attract bird and insect life as well as introducing more succulents into your garden ensuring that your oasis thrives throughout the year.
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Sustainable and Resilient Gardening Trends

As a reputable plant nursery, we would like to share some of this year’s garden trends that are geared towards sustainability and resilience whether you take a naturalistic or more structured approach towards gardening.

1. Combining edible and ornamental plants
The deeper roots of shrubs, trees and perennials make them the ideal choice for creating your edimental garden – a combination of edible and ornamental plants. The vibrant colours, varying textures and forms can be integrated into existing vegetable patches or stand out on their own. Some edimentals include dahlias, nasturtiums and daylilies, adding a depth of flavour and zest to food.

2. Drought-resistant gardens
Soaring summer temperatures combined with water restrictions and drought in some areas could see you delving into what is referred to as xeriscaping. This involves planting drought-resistant plants such as aloes and succulents able to withstand higher temperatures which greatly reduce or eliminate the need for constant irrigation. The effects of climate change are widespread and by adopting this approach towards gardening, you can help mitigate the effects of climate change and have a garden that thrives.

3. Bio-diverse stumpery gardens
Making use of the natural vegetation at your disposal extends to tree stumps. Stumpery gardens provide garden enthusiasts with the means to grow shade plants in the nooks and crannies of stumps. The combination of greenery with the bark makes them the perfect focal point of any garden as long as they remain in the shade. Wildlife, such as frogs and insects, make these stumps their home adding to the natural appeal and beauty of stumpery gardens.

4. Nurture your connection with nature
Getting in touch with nature also includes transforming a section of your garden into your tranquil sanctuary. Wellness gardens are a big trend this year and you can start yours by planting an array of aromatic herbs such as lavender around the borders of your meditation, yoga or reading space. These havens allow you to reconnect, reflect and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you.

5. Replacing smooth hardscapes with textures
Textured surfaces such as wood, paving stones and gravel are all the rage this year, creating pathways between garden beds or being used as planter boxes. Ceramic and terracotta tiles, to name a few, add a layer of depth and unusual yet pleasing contrast to garden design themes.

Gardens are no longer places to look at. Instead, they have become places to dwell in.


Connect with Our Gardening Community

With over 300 varieties of trees, shrubs, perennials, ground covers and selected herbs as well as several indigenous and exotic plants on offer, you can rest assured that the professional plant nursery experts at Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery are always on hand to offer informative gardening advice and guidance on the most suitable types of flora. Simply contact us or visit our nursery situated in Honeydew where we look forward to welcoming you.