Meandering pathways, an abundance of colourful flora, well-tended garden beds and pristine lawns are but a few of the benefits that garden landscaping brings to outdoor spaces. Often well-intended gardening plans go awry when plants, shrubbery and trees are purchased based on aesthetics alone. Professional landscape artists, such as those at Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery, have the expertise and experience to create beautiful and functional gardens that meet your specific requirements. We will help you select the right flora for your soil type, design patios, pathways and garden beds, and install water-wise irrigation systems.  

Turning Your Garden Into an Oasis with Garden Landscaping

Garden landscaping encompasses all the visible features of an outdoor space that can be altered or designed to improve functionality and aesthetics. At Windy Willows, we can create solutions for stormwater drainage, tackle the problem of soil erosion, plant perennials and shrubbery as well as install a water feature or two. Whether you give us a blank canvas or only some sections of your garden to spruce up, we will transform it into an oasis of beauty attracting an abundance of insect and bird life. After all, it was Minnie Aumonier who said “When the world wearies and society fails to satisfy, there is always the garden”. garden landscaping  

Planning Flowering and Shrubbery Beds

Proper placement of plants, selecting the right type of trees for the size of the garden and determining soil conditions are some of the vital considerations with garden landscaping. Thinking that flora can be planted wherever there is a spare spot in garden beds won’t see them thriving. With expert guidance from Windy Willows, sun-loving or shade-hugging plants will flourish by being planted in ideal areas. If your garden is small, we can suggest which trees grow best in snug spaces, as depending on the type, you could land up with a root system that damages foundations. Checking the condition of the soil is crucial to the proper preparation of flower beds as they may require additional nutrients. Our ultimate goal for your garden beds is to have healthy plants from the ground up.  

Water-Wise Solutions

With the rainy season being drier than usual finding ways to keep your garden green and flourishing can be problematic. Part of garden landscaping is grouping plants according to watering requirements and this can be done by creating several hydro-zones in your garden. Not only will this minimise irrigation in areas that require less water, but it will greatly reduce overall water consumption. We suggest that you consider installing a greywater system and start harvesting rainwater as the stored water can be used to keep your garden green.

Try to Include Indigenous Plants

Indigenous plants and greenery bring several advantages to garden landscaping. By being specific to your region, they attract a plethora of pollinating insects and bird life, keeping your garden healthy. Strategically planting some indigenous plants such as freesias, jasmine and scented agapanthus around your garden produces nature’s most wonderful fragrance. Indigenous plants and greenery have the distinct advantage of being hardy, drought-resistant and needing little maintenance.  

Select a Spot to Enjoy Your Garden

Garden landscaping allows Windy Willows not only to plan and create your perfect garden, it affords us the opportunity to include a functional spot where you can sit, relax and take in the tranquillity of nature’s surroundings. We can lay patio paving where you can get the most enjoyment from your garden as well as pathways that hug the foundations of your property and demarcate various sections of the space. Add a spot of colour or greenery by letting us place planter boxes along the sides of the patio or outside walls.  

Consult with the Top Professional Landscapers

Why waste unnecessary time and money when for a modest fee Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery can arrange a consultation at your home with a trained landscaper? Alternatively, you can bring detailed diagrams or photos of your garden to our growing nursery based in Honeydew and we will give you advice on where to put your choice of plants. From visualisation through to realisation, contact us and we will help you create your perfect garden paradise.