What Qualities to Look for in a Plant Nursery

We all know what a plant nursery is. It is a place where one can buy a selection of plants and related products. But what are the characteristics and qualities that make a nursery great?

A variety of factors characterise top-quality nurseries and certain requirements must be met to be classified as a nursery at all. We at Windy Willows explain these in more detail below.

What to Look Out for to Ensure Your Go-To Plant Nursery is Top Quality

Nursery management takes much more than just planting seeds and calling it a day. Some important requirements must be adhered to for one to classify not only as a nursery but as an excellent one.

Plant Nursery

1) Caters to various types of plants.

A nursery is usually not only home to a selection of local plant species, but also to a host of non-native These plant varieties will have a wide range of needs that must be met. So, top-quality nurseries will have the infrastructure available to cater to the plant life that they sell to the public.

2) Hires quality staff.

Having the right environment and tools to look after the plants is one thing, but it would not mean much without competent staff. From landscapers to managers and sales staff, every person needs to be experienced in their roles. For example, if you are looking for advice on automated irrigation systems, you should be confident in the staff member’s ability to assist you with proficiency and professionalism. It is also imperative that there are sufficient staff available on site.

3) Offers more than just plants.

Quality nurseries will go the extra mile for their clients and offer a one-stop shop for all their gardening requirements. These services may include irrigation and landscaping while there may also be gardening products available to you, such as garden pots and planting mediums and additives. After all, you need to maintain your plants after purchasing them and you shouldn’t have to make multiple trips to various stores. Additionally, if your preferred nursery offers an online shopping option, then you can enjoy convenient deliveries to your door as well.

4) Is well situated.

You know the saying: location, location, location. This rings true here as well. Though it would be convenient to have your nursery located close to you, other important aspects need to be weighed up. Since a nursery is home to thriving natural plant life, it must be in an area that is as pollution-free as possible. It should also be located in an area that gets sufficient exposure to sunlight for the plants to bask in, although they will likely require protection from too much heat. The land that has been chosen for the site should also be as even as possible. This means that it should be levelled or, if that is not possible, divided into terraces and plateaus.

5) Has quality water.

Plants depend on many factors to grow and flourish, and water may just be one of the most important ones. The water must not be polluted in any way and should not contain high levels of saline. On top of that, the supply should never be lacking as there needs to be enough to irrigate regularly. It is also important to note that a good nursery will also have adequate drainage available so that the water does not stagnate and flood the garden beds.

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