Buying the Perfect Plants for a Small Garden

Nothing is more calming and idyllic than a lovely garden. Especially now that it’s spring, what could be more wonderful than taking a stroll in a garden retreat overflowing with gorgeous plants and flowers? The only problem that many people face is having a garden that’s on the smaller side.

In fact, many people in South Africa face the “small garden problem”. Some people have had to downgrade due to the pandemic or you may just be starting out in a small place of your own. If you’re a nature lover and avid gardener, you may be feeling somewhat restricted and are wishing that you too can celebrate spring properly with a blooming garden. However, there’s no need to lose hope. A small garden doesn’t mean you are limited to a small amount of creativity.

What Plants Work for a Small Garden?

Plants For SaleSo, now that we’ve raised your hopes, let’s move on to which plants are best suited to smaller gardens, because, if you’re going to do this, you should do it right. Before providing you with options of the plant life you can purchase from us here at Windy Willows for your small garden retreat, we have to remind you of the type of plants you should look for. For example, in a smaller space, you will need to choose plants that don’t take up too much space. Also, it is a good idea to have flora that specifically attracts wildlife, like birds, bees and butterflies, to really bring nature into your space.

Jasmine is a perfect option for smaller gardens surrounded by walls, and it smells lovely. So, it’s perfect for teatime on your garden bench. Topiaries are also fantastic in smaller gardens as they are very easy to maintain in structured environments, not to mention they are stunningly beautiful. Now, if you are more of a tree hugger and are worried that trees may take up too much space, there are options for you to consider. Fruit trees are great solutions as they don’t necessarily take up too much space. The great part is that you will even have your own fresh fruit – a fantastic plus.

Windy Willows is There for You

If you need to find plants, all you have to do is use Windy Willows’ handy dandy plant selector. Simply type in the name of the plant you are looking for and we can tell you if we have it in stock.

We understand that landscaping your small garden may seem overwhelming and that you may have no idea where to start. That’s why we also offer landscaping services to assist you in offering creative solutions for your outdoor space.

So, contact us today to turn your dull and drab tiny space into your own slice of paradise.