The Importance of an Irrigation System

The one thing every gardener knows is that their plants and grass need to be watered, usually semi-regularly. Nothing is worse than watching a garden slowly die due to a lack of proper care after the investment of much time, effort and money into picture-perfect landscaping. Still, few of us have the time to water our gardens manually and we often can’t get the job done sufficiently.

That’s where an irrigation system comes in. Installing one in your garden can make a world of difference and save all your beautiful greenery. That’s why Windy Willows is here to help. We believe that a garden should be a point of pride and joy for you, so we have a whole page on our website dedicated to proper irrigation.


The Benefits of Having an Irrigation System


One of the main benefits of installing an irrigation system is that it can actually save you water. You can do this by automating your system so that it only waters at times of your choosing and will also stop in accordance with this. We suggest trying to group your plants according to their water requirements as then you only have to water as needed. This saves you time and water in the long run.

Proper irrigation can also help your soil keep its structure and nutrients, because, when you water by hand, too much water soaks into the soil, so nutrients are lost with the water runoff and the soil becomes overly compact. Not to mention that irrigation systems are known to prevent weeds and common plant diseases. Since you have more control with a proper system in place and water isn’t just spread around willy-nilly, the seeds that could become weeds are not germinated. Specifically using a drip system is even more beneficial as it only waters the roots of the plants, which means you can avoid leaf disease.


The Different Types of Irrigation Systems

There are a variety of irrigation systems to choose from, each with its own benefits and price. Two of the most common are pop-up sprinklers and risers. Pop-up sprinklers disappear into the ground when they are not in use, so they are perfect for lawns. Risers are better suited to flowerbeds as they water above the plants assuring that your flowers are well taken care of. Then there are misters, which are used in areas that are more difficult to reach.

You can also choose between a manual or automatic system for your garden. Automated systems give you control over on and off times. While manual systems can’t do this, but they are cheaper to install overall.

So, if you are seeking a simple and effective solution to water your garden this spring and summer season, contact us and one of our expert landscapers will give you a quote as part of your consultation.