Simple and Convenient Online Plant Shopping

You’ve got to love technology. Say what you will, but we can all admit that many daily tasks have been made so much easier with the invention of online shopping and delivery. Now, simply with the press of a button, you can purchase items online and have them delivered right to your doorstep. At Windy Willows, you have the convenient option of ordering plants and products online for delivery in Gauteng. For online plant shopping specifically, you can use our plant selector to find what you’re looking for and all you need to do is add it to your cart.

What to Look Out for While Online Plant Shopping

As easy as it can be to shop online, many people become overwhelmed with the inundation of choices. It can be stressful having to not only make a decision but the right one when you haven’t even seen the product in person.

Here we provide you with useful tips on how to make your online plant shopping spree a successful endeavour.

Online Plant Shopping

  1. Know your plants: First things first, you need to know what category your plant fits into (this is a handy filter option on our plant selector). Do you want an annual or perennial plant? Perennial plants survive over multiple seasons, making them a favourite for people who want to reap the beauty of the plant all year round. Cat’s Tail Ferns are a perfect example of a perennial plant. Annual plants grow, bloom, and die within the season making space for new seasonal additions, like pansies.
  2. All your odds and ends: While the plants themselves may be the most important part, it also helps to know that you can purchase other gardening supplies online while you’re at it. For example, you may want to purchase planting mediums and additives, like soil and mulch. There may even be other handy products and services you weren’t aware of on the site, so keep an eye out.
  3. Living space: It is important to be aware of your living conditions and space. You can’t very well plant a massive tree in an apartment complex garden, after all. Measure out your space and check your shading situation. The more information you can provide, the better advice our experienced landscaping team will be able to impart.
  4. Hardy or not: On the note of understanding your living situation, there are other things to keep in mind. Do you live in an extremely cold or hot area? Then you may want your plant to be hardier than most. It’s important to know if your outdoor plant can survive the temperatures, climate and environment where you live. Some of our favourite hardy plants include the Chinese Maple, the African White Lily, and Bugleweed.

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Now that you know what to look out for while online plant shopping, why not check out Windy Willows’ large selection of plants and products or contact us to assist you.