What’s Better About Life in 2021?

If social distancing has made us feel anything, it’s a renewed joie de vivre when outdoors. Getting to green spaces has been elevated in everyone’s opinion as lockdown has been dampening a normally exuberant outdoor South African attitude. More than just a national predisposition, the research clearly shows that people who get out into the air and absorb a bit of green are on average happier and more relaxed than those who don’t. Now that lockdowns are lifting, people seem keenly aware of how much they’ve missed the more earthy side of their lives.

Few other spaces are as charmingly green as a nursery, just the right combination of green things and welcome walkways lined with colour. Of course, for habitual gardeners, no nursery beats a grower’s nursery, where you often have to walk more to see more perhaps, but you also get to see every possible size plant available in a variety of containers. En masse ground cover planting? Buy plug trays, polystyrene cavity trays full of small plants, direct from the farm. Looking for a tree for that one special spot, so no failure allowed? Again, getting it from the guys who grew it is the kind of solid shopping sense dedicated gardeners exude.

A Nursery is a Great Place to Shop, But it’s Also Good for the Soul

Especially for new entrants to outdoor living, go and walk through the rows at a nursery and see how much zen the experience contains. Have you ever driven past something flowering, so beautiful, and wished you could get one of your own? Go to the nursery, because whatever that was flowering right now, you’re bound to see flowering right there in the nursery.

Nurseries are like seasonal beauty central depots of loveliness where you can stop feeling silly for not remembering what you see flowering, and take your time learning all about it, and factoring it into your landscape as you wish. Retail nurseries have their own charm, and they generally act as a powerful magnet because of play space for kids, and caffeine for frazzled moms and dads! A grower’s nursery, however, has a countryside charm that’s hard to beat. Kids love the realness, the irrigation, the birds and worms! Adults will love shopping in a spot of absolute green, getting grower prices, and feeling revitalised after the excursion.


Windy Willows Nursery Awaits You

Windy Willows in Honeydew, Johannesburg, is a grower’s nursery. Several decades of ornamental plant growing has kept the space dynamic and thoroughly green, and we’re geared up and waiting for you to come and shop till you drop. We’ve got everything from ground covers to trees, in a variety of sizes from tiny to pretty big. More than that, we’ll ensure your contentment with clear, professional tips that will guarantee your success.

We’re a professional landscaping outfit too, so you can be sure the tips you get from us are the stuff that works. We’ll show you plants for sun and plants for shade, and plants for everything in between. Get out, get some green, and spend an hour or two in our nursery. Weekdays and Saturdays, pop in and get the fresh air and green overload that makes life worth living to the full.