7 Great Benefits of Buying Plants from a Wholesale Plant Nursery

There is a reason why people believe buying products straight from the farm is better – and that is because it truly is better! Whether you are an avid gardener or a casual dabbler in your backyard, and whether you consider gardening a hobby or are planning a new landscaping project, we take you through the reasons why you should visit your local wholesale plant nursery to stock up on plants.


  1. A Great Selection to Choose From

We all have our personal preference when it comes to gardening styles. Whatever your style, you are likely to want to let your taste dictate what you buy, rather than what is available. Big-name retailers often only carry the “bestsellers”, limiting your choice, whereas a wholesale nursery offers a wide selection to choose from.


  1. Wholesale Prices

Anyone who has ever fallen in love with gardening will know that gardening can quickly become an expensive hobby if you are not wise about your purchases. Buying from a wholesale growing nursery means also paying wholesale prices. This means you can save on your gardening budget, or get more for your money if the temptation is too big.


  1. Healthier Plants

You will typically find healthier plants at nurseries. They have endured less handling and have been grown and nurtured in an optimal environment with the right care, and under expert supervision. The healthier plants are, the better they tend to adjust when replanted, and the better they grow (if treated with sufficient care, of course).


  1. Access to Information

At a local wholesale nursery, the plants are at the centre of everything that that team does. This means that you have first-hand access to knowledgeable staff who can help you with valuable advice on specific plants, answer any questions you may have, and make relevant suggestions based on your needs.


  1. You Can Get Indigenous Plants

In addition to the wider selection on offer, a local plant nursery that cultivates its own plants will generally be able to provide more choice plus advice regarding indigenous, and specifically native plants. Native plants are a great buy, because they are already adapted to the soil, light, and climate in the local region.


  1. Eliminate Risk of Foreign Pests

Foreign pests pose a huge risk, as they are often able to spread rapidly and cause significant damage. Buying from a local plant nursery that grows their own plants eliminates this risk.


  1. Support Local Business

Now, more than ever, we will all get value out of supporting our local businesses and stimulating the economy of our local community.


Bonus Benefit

If you buy your plants from Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery, you also get access to our wider range of services, including landscaping, irrigation, and rainwater harvesting solutions. It is your one-stop gardening stop!

Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery is about a ten-minute drive from Northgate Shopping Centre in Johannesburg, and it is open to the public to buy plants at wholesale prices. Visit us for your gardening needs and discover the great benefits of buying plants from a wholesale plant nursery.