What Does Quality of Life Mean for You?

Humanity manifests some peculiar preferences. While many admire sleek steel skyscrapers covered in glass with smooth flat surfaces all around, those same people often have a strong association with the wilds when it comes to leisure time. As lifeless as the inner-city can appear, as devoid of green as the places we consider modern living can be, we associate greenery as equally strongly with leisure and wealth. Think about it. Have you ever holidayed somewhere they had no plants? Unless your idea of a holiday is a casino hotel room in Las Vegas, it’s unlikely. Plants denote wealth as surely as do fast cars and big houses. To be surrounded by plants, when we really stop to think about it, is more often a hallmark of great lifestyle living than not. A few hermits living in the mountains might crease the graph a little, but it’s broadly true.  

Plants Are Good for You, and Science Knows It

This reality isn’t really that peculiar when you look for scientific validation. Not only do gurus associate the colour green with positive brain waves engendered by meditation, but scientists can also measure those frequencies now. The research is unambiguous – green plants are exceptionally good for our well-being. Whether people consider themselves gardeners or not, almost all of us want to have some dealings with plants – whether it’s a nice day outdoors or a lovely green back garden lawn perhaps. If you’re itching for some green and can’t make the Bahamas this time around, an indulgent trip to the local nursery is as good for the soul. Surrounded by plants, shopping for plants, planting plants. When you’ve actually had the experience of that connection between you, the soil, and something living in it, you’ll need no convincing. For those that haven’t, it’s time to stop the FOMO and enjoy a common touchstone in the human journey. Water, soil, and especially plants satisfy us in a primordial manner, so deep is the contentment of seeing something you planted grow. If you want the ultimate experience of plants, it’s not in a plush hotel lobby somewhere or in some exotic country, it’s in creating your own green army, be that a city balcony or expansive estate. Green is more than good for us, as science has shown us that plants react to our moods, words, and behaviours. There is a definite connection in energy between us and green things, and it seems the benefits are mostly ours.  

Windy Willows: Plants Are Our Game

When you come to visit us at Windy Willows, you’ll see what green business really looks like! We grow plants, we plant them through our landscaping arm, and we maintain plants in various ways and means. We’re all about plants and, when you visit a grower, you’ll be sure you’re getting the most affordable option on a quality plant that won’t let you down. Too many consumer experiences revolve around those pretty plants you bought last week all dying. Avoid that kind of attrition by getting your garden plants from the growers themselves – our stock is Joburg hardy and strong. We’ve got ground covers and shrubs, trees and conifers, roses and regulars of the trade. Mondo Grass, palms, indigenous trees – come in and see for yourself. We’re a treasure trove of green, and your wallet, your garden, and your soul will all be better for popping into Windy Willows!