5 Reasons Why Windy Willows is the Leading Landscaping Company in Gauteng

A garden should be well-maintained to keep it looking its best and, by enlisting reputable landscaping services, you can keep your garden looking fresh every season. It goes without saying that you will want to hire a professional landscaper with a tried-and-tested company. Look no further than Windy Willows – an established and reputable plant nursery and landscape company.


A Leading Gauteng-based Wholesale Plant Nursery

Windy Willows is a wholesale plant nursery located in Honeydew, Johannesburg. We offer a variety of plants and gardening products for sale and boast a range of professional services, including irrigation installation and landscaping.

You can enjoy many perks when hiring a pro landscaper, including taking the often-overwhelming project management process off your hands, saving time in getting that dream garden you envision, saving costs, not having to deal with unexpected problems that may arise during your project, having the right materials on hand and more.

There are several characteristics of a great landscaping company, and we are proud to showcase a list of traits that makes us a cut above the rest. We share five reasons for being considered one of the leading landscape companies in Gauteng:

  1. Knowledge of the Environment and Plant-lifeA great landscaper understands the environment and the plants that can thrive in it. When you start a landscaping project, your preferred landscaper must offer you a varied plant selection which will be able to thrive in your garden. At Windy Willows, we stock a variety of different plants suited to various types of environments ensuring that your options are never limited by lack of availability, whether you have a shady or sunny garden. With knowledgeable senior and assistant landscapers on staff to assist you with all your queries and needs, you can select your choice of suitable greenery with confidence.
  2. A Wealth of ExperienceWith experience comes wisdom and knowledge, and that is no different when it comes to the landscaping industry. After all, you are paying for specialised services and advice to transform your garden, so you would want to be sure you are turning to true professionals. Established in 1975, Windy Willows boasts over 45 years of experience in the industry making us a reputable leader in our field.
  3. Positive Testimonials and ReferencesLike any type of service provider or store, the best way to separate the bad from the good is by checking their testimonials and reviews. The more positive the reviews, the better. One way to check this is by reading their Google Reviews. Windy Willows proudly boasts 4.4 stars out of 5 based on the feedback of our loyal customers. Also, look at our Facebook page to get a sense of how we interact with our many clients. The comments showcase testimonies of our service excellence and professional approach.
  4. Much to OfferA good landscape company will be able to offer you more than just one service. At Windy Willows we stock a variety of products in our store, such as planting mediums, additives and custom pots. We also offer water services, such as irrigation, rainwater harvesting, and water backup system installations.
  5. The Perfect PropertyA professional landscaper needs access to a variety of plants. A plant nursery provides a perfect environment for each type of plant to be grown and well taken care of until they are ready to make home in your garden. From the vast selection of plants available, our property offers space for these different types of plant life to thrive, and our expert team is on hand to care for and maintain these plants until they are ready to be relocated.

If you want to hire a landscaper that you can trust to be the best in the business, contact us today and receive your free quote.