Creating your oasis of tranquillity starts with selecting plants and shrubbery ideal for specific soils and ensuring that the irrigation system you have is up to the task of transforming and sustaining your outdoor space. With the possibility of droughts and water restrictions in summer months, watering gardens often take a backseat in the hope that it will rain. Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery will not only assist you with incorporating water-wise plants in your garden but can also suggest the best irrigation system without having to use too much water or dip into your holiday season fund.


Importance of Proper Garden Planning for an Effective Irrigation System

The irrigation system you would need to have installed is completely dependent on your style of garden. For example, as colourful as a cottage-style garden is, keeping it maintained requires lots of water whereas a succulent garden needs far less. From an irrigation point of view, before creating your garden oasis, perhaps consider the type of garden you prefer. If you are fortunate enough to have an alternative water source, your country garden may still be within reach. Gardens not only add a splash of colour to what would otherwise be dull terrain, but the act of gardening itself can reduce stress and, when you see the fruits of your labour, make you happy.irrigation systems


Saving Water Through Irrigation Automation

Isolating irrigation zones, micro misting and pop-up sprinklers are but a few of the irrigation systems that can be installed to turn your garden of misery into the perfect wellspring of peace. Let’s first cover which irrigation system is best suited to your gardening requirements before we share some helpful tips to ensure a luscious garden all year round.

The basis of any effective irrigation system is automation. Driven by controllers and solenoids, automated irrigation systems can be switched on and off at predetermined times which avoids watering during midday and losing the benefit of a good garden soak. The beauty of these irrigation systems is that the width of the spray angle can be adjusted to your preferences. Automated systems are integrated with pop-up sprinklers, risers and micro misters:

  • Pop-up sprinklers are the ideal choice for lawns as they ensure maximum water coverage and minimal waste. Unlike the traditional sprinkler head attached to a hosepipe which is often left lying around, when the predetermined watering time is over, they retract into the ground seamlessly blending with the lawn.
  • Risers, which work similarly to pop-up sprinklers, can be installed in high flower beds. As the name suggests, they are automated to rise out of the flower beds at a specific height allowing the water to spray at flower bed level
  • A micro-misting irrigation system is often used to access narrow garden beds or to reach areas that are difficult to cover in flower beds. The biggest benefit of micro-misting is that the water goes to where it is needed the most, the roots of the plants.


Some Helpful Tips for Keeping Your Garden Green

  • Should you prefer an abundance of foliage and flowers, group them according to their watering needs.
  • Grass won’t die if it isn’t watered as much as the garden beds. By isolating irrigation zones, you will ensure that the areas that need more water will have access to it.
  • In summer, it is best to water gardens early in the morning and as late as possible in the afternoon. This allows the water to soak into the garden beds and grass, preventing evaporation.
  • Consider investing in accessories such as rain sensors. What these do is switch off the irrigation system when it rains, thereby saving water.


Your Water-Wise Wholesale Growing Nursery

Ideally located in Honeydew, Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery propagates and stocks over 200 varieties of flora, is qualified in landscape design and irrigation installation and can provide long-term solutions for an alternative water supply, to name a few. Contact us or visit our nursery to better see how our range of services will maintain your garden oasis throughout the seasons.