The Benefits of Automated Irrigation Systems

If you want to keep your garden looking lush and fresh all-year long, but do not want to deal with the admin of it all, then it might be time to invest in an automated irrigation system. Automated irrigation systems ensure that your garden receives adequate amounts of water and care, without it needing regular manual exertion. This is the perfect option for anyone who travels often or those who love the joys that a beautiful garden brings without having to stress about the admin of it all. Here at Windy Willows, we specialise in automated irrigation systems, and one of our qualified landscapers can easily analyse your garden and determine the best irrigation system for your needs.

irrigationAutomated irrigation systems are a brilliant choice for anyone who does not have time to water their garden. These programmed irrigation systems enable you to water your garden and keep it luscious and green without having to manually go out and water it. They have a myriad of benefits, including:

Being Cost-Effective: Automated systems are able to monitor exactly how much water your garden needs and thus will not waste extra water and result in excessive water bills. While the initial set up might seem costly, automated systems eventually pay for themselves when you add up how much money they save. If you are passionate about gardening and want to ensure that your plants are watered all-year long, this is definitely something you want to invest in.

Conserving Water: Since these systems are able to provide precise water coverage, long gone are the days of overwatering certain areas. This means that you will save water, all the while giving your garden and plants the exact amount of water that is needed. You will also be able to avoid overwatering sidewalks and areas like patios that do not need water. This is a brilliant solution during times of drought and will enable you to water your plants effectively without wasting water.

Our automated systems are controlled by a specialised controller and electric taps known as solenoids. You can set these systems to water your plants at pre-determined intervals and thus they do not need human intervention in order to work. You can choose the time that you want to water your plants and this enables total control of when your garden is watered.

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We are a wholesale growing nursery based in Honeydew, Johannesburg. We are only a ten-minute drive from Northgate Shopping Centre and thus easily accessible. As a growing nursery, we propagate and stock a variety of plants. Some of our products include shrubs, perennial flowers, trees, grasses, groundcovers, and more.

We also specialise in landscaping, irrigation design, and rainwater harvesting and have a wide variety of custom pots available. Give us a call and we will happily share our deals and products with you. We will gladly advise you on our automated irrigation systems and help you to find a cost-effective solution that works.