Abnormal rainfall patterns combined with water restrictions and hefty accounts may leave your garden looking more wilted than pristine this summer. Instead of relying on the municipal supply to keep lawns green, plants healthy and seedlings fed, consider rain water harvesting, the natural way to give your garden beds the nutrients they need to thrive. Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery encourages natural water collection through the strategic placement of rain water harvesting systems and can customise your water-wise solution according to your growing garden needs.  

Rain Water Harvesting is an Affordable Water Solution

From a cost perspective, having a rain water harvesting system installed presents you with long-term financial benefits and the upfront costs will leave you with enough change to purchase perennials and blooming buds. Windy Willows isn’t discounting the municipal supply. However, with the growing demands on poor infrastructure, having access to a reliable source for irrigation and other potable greywater use will have you reaping the rewards. After all, rainwater is free. rain water harvesting  

There is a Tank for Every Household

Knowing that every household’s water use differs and catering to every budget, we can install either a basic, intermediate or advanced unit for you. Each tank is elevated on a stand to accommodate the tank and is either connected to your gutter downpipe for a non-pressurised feed or to a pressure pump to supply your home with grey water. With water tanks available in several sizes and shapes, there is no reason why you cannot start rain water harvesting no matter how big or small your property is.  

Increase the Health of Your Garden

Rainwater provides just the right pH balance and nitrate-rich nutrients that gardens need to remain healthy. The simple act of installing rain water harvesting systems for irrigation is not only beneficial for keeping plants and soil ecosystems fed, but the environment benefits from a garden that has cleaner air, pollinating habitats and so much more. A readily available supply of stored rainwater on your property gives you more control over your water use, increased self-sufficiency, several environmental benefits and saves you money in the long run.  

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

As beneficial as rain water harvesting is to the landscape, there are more environmental benefits to these systems than you may think.

Restoring the natural cycle

Stormwater run-off in developed areas is significantly higher than in natural landscapes. By harvesting rainwater in urban areas, water run-off is significantly reduced. Releasing the stored rainwater when the ground is no longer saturated restores the natural cycle by allowing it to go to where it needs to be – hydrating the soil, nourishing plants and back into the groundwater.

Protecting habitats and natural waterways

Through rain water harvesting systems, water is naturally filtered and contained, and not left to run off into stormwater drains or other surfaces where it collects pollutants that ultimately end up in rivers, dams or the sea. Heavy rainfall, as appreciated as it is in dry months, has the adverse effect of eroding river banks causing damage to sensitive waterways and wildlife habitats.

Reducing reliance on energy sources

By incorporating gravity-fed drip irrigation systems with rain water harvesting tanks, your reliance on pumped and treated water and energy sources is lessened. Not only are you reducing your carbon footprint but these solutions contribute towards collective savings. Protect your surrounding natural waterways and restore nature’s cycle by tapping into what would otherwise be a wasted resource. Rain water harvesting is a sustainable solution that positively impacts the environment.  

Let Windy Willows Assure Your Water Security

Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery has made it easier for you to have the garden that you have always wanted and to keep it maintained with our landscaping and water services. We have professional insight on the best foliage to plant and skilled teams to offer water-wise solutions throughout the year that best suit this semi-arid region. Contact us or better yet visit our farm where you can select from over 200 varieties of flora and seek expert advice as to which rain water harvesting system best suits your requirements. Read next article: Customising Your Garden Oasis: Choosing the Right Irrigation System