The Best Garden Landscaping Trends

The end of the year is fast approaching, And we all know how these last few months tend to fly and then a blur as the holidays come and go. But, even though this period can feel very rushed, we here at Windy Willows believe that everyone deserves a peaceful break, a moment to simply stop and take a breath. The best way to do this is to focus on activities other than work and is only meant for your personal happiness. These may include a small project, like garden landscaping to spruce up your property.


Garden Landscaping Trends of 2022

It’s still 2022, so we can explore some of the popular trends doing the rounds. After all, when the entire family comes to visit for the holidays, you’ll want to be able to show off your gorgeous and oh-so-trendy garden. Let’s take a look at the top garden landscaping trends of the year:

Garden Landscaping

  • Low Carbon Landscaping:

    Many of us have been trying to make the world a better place. One such way is by decreasing our carbon footprint and going green in many aspects of our lives. Low-carbon landscaping is all about going green (quite literally), from growing your own herbs and veggies to making use of local resources, such as planting mediums and additives. Why not plant your very own barbeque rosemary in one of our Potion G pots?

  • Go Metal:

    Every year we see a new type of material being added to trends lists. 2022 seems to be the year for everything metal, at least when it comes to garden landscaping. From planters to water features, metal can give your garden a modern and alternative look that can be a fun talking point for a Sunday braai.

  • Water Features:

    Since South Africa tends to be on the warmer side, and this summer looks to be another scorcher, a water feature or bird bath may be a classy touch for your feathered friends. Whether it be a tranquil pond or a fountain, having water in your garden automatically makes one feel as if they are strolling through an oasis.

  • Save Water:

    Speaking of water and going green, many trends focus on conserving water. One way to do this is by buying plants that are drought-resistant or, at the least, consume very little water. If you aren’t sure of the types of plants that fall under this category, you can make use of our handy Plant Selector. There, you can select “Low” under the “water” category and you will be given a list of plants that have a low water consumption, such as Ripple Jade or a Wild Olive

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:

    2022 has seen a growing push for eco-conscious trends, so it only makes sense that recycled materials would be favourable. From pavements made of old bricks and borders made of recycled wood, the possibilities are endless. The best part is that most DIY crafts tend to make use of recycled materials. If you don’t trust your imagination, you can always make use of YouTube.

  • Artificial is the New Real:

    On top of being cost-effective, artificial grass is also low-maintenance. That means that you won’t have to incur extra stress in the upcoming holiday season. If you’re not a huge fan of this trend, but still love the idea of less maintenance, you could also consider using ground covers instead of grass.


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