Ground Covers: The New Grass

For years, when people imagined gardens, they automatically thought of grass lawns. After all, a beautiful lawn is the main feature of a garden, or is it? While a well-maintained lawn certainly adds much to a landscape, it is no longer the be-all and end-all. There are wonderful alternatives to grass, and low-maintenance ones at that. That is fantastic news for those who want to save water, time, and money. Ground covers can provide you with the aesthetic of a lawn without all the extra maintenance. We at Windy Willows want to tell you about the advantages of these practical and pretty lawn replacements.

Ground Covers versus Grass

While we could go on and on about how amazing ground covers are, you would probably still want to get all the facts. After all, you’ve been maintaining a grass lawn for years and wouldn’t want to uproot your lovely lawn on a whim. Landscaping still comes at a cost, so it is important to have a firm understanding before diving in headfirst.

We offer a comparison between the two options below. That way, you will know exactly what you’re getting into.

Here are some benefits to replacing your grass with ground covers:

ground cover

1) No more mowing:

We have all spent our weekends pushing a heavy lawnmower around for an hour instead of simply relaxing. Now, some may find the hard work of moving the lawn satisfying, but it isn’t for everyone. If you prefer to spend your weekends reading or visiting family and friends, maybe you should consider installing ground covers.

2) Save some water

A well-maintained lawn can make or break your garden’s aesthetic look but keeping it looking good requires much water. Not only can that cost you extra money on your water bill every month, but it is also not an eco-friendly option. Maybe it’s time to start thinking of the environment without sacrificing looks.

3) Less fertilizer

Gardeners have to invest in regular fertilizer and planting additives, and even more so with lawns. While some ground covers do require additives, it is not nearly as much as grass would need in the long run.

4) Shady gardens

Shade doesn’t have to be a problem anymore. You may have a nicely shaded garden that is excellent for those long summer days spent outdoors, but now your lawn is struggling to survive due to a lack of sun. This often leads to excess use of water in a desperate attempt to save the grass. Many options give great coverage and are evergreen, like the Bugleweed or Bush Violet.

Types of Ground Covers 

Now that you know the great benefits of ground covers and may be planning your lawn-less garden already, it’s almost time to head over to your local nursery to find the greenery you need. Before you go, let’s supply you with a list of excellent options to shop for at Windy Willows.

  • Vines: These spread more easily than most plants, so it’s perfect for optimum coverage. For a burst of green all year round, one of our favourites is the Creeping Fig.
  • Moss: If you have a wonderfully shady garden, then moss may be the best option for you. Some types are also happy in sunnier spots, such as Gold Moss, which is also perfect to combine with a rock garden.
  • Succulents: In the harsh South African sun, you can save even more water by planting succulents. The Vygie/Ice Plant is a hardy option that will dazzle you with a sea of colourful flowers.

Visit or contact us today if you need further assistance in choosing your ideal lawn replacement or start shopping online now.