Small Gardens Also Benefit from Landscaping Services

Higher density residential developments that feature small, more compact homes and outdoor spaces, have become the norm nowadays, rather than the exception. The price and availability of vacant land in developed urban areas have been instrumental in changing this landscape.


Lock-Up-and-Go Lifestyle

Security plays a role too. When there’s constant movement taking place and other people are in close proximity, it seems less likely that any attempted break-in will occur. Moreover, a lock-up-and-go, small property lifestyle suits many people.


Easy Maintenance, Minimal Cost

landscaping servicesAdditionally, garden maintenance is accomplished with greater ease, less effort and lower cost. This is particularly true if the outdoor space is professionally designed by an experienced service provider, one who knows exactly where to place low maintenance plants in a limited area.


When Less Isn’t More

Occupants of small properties may be under the mistaken impression that their postage-stamp-sized gardens can only accommodate a patch of lawn and the odd pot plant or two. Landscaping services would be a waste of time, or so they think. Actually, nothing could be further from the, potentially pleasing picture. In this instance, less really can be more.


Multi-Dimensional Depth and Interest

Landscaping can and does make all the difference, irrespective of garden size. In fact, in the hands of skilled outdoor layout experts, a compact garden appears larger than it is. This is achieved through design, planned planting, the creation of interesting features, plus the addition of depth, texture, colour, and multiple dimensions to an otherwise flat, plain, and boring one-dimensional little space.


Windy Willows’ Landscaping Services

In addition to offering affordable landscaping service options to members of the public, Windy Willows is a fully fledged growing nursery, based in Honeydew, on the north-western outskirts of Johannesburg. Here, more than 200 plant varieties are propagated and offered for sale to customers, directly from the nursery, at wholesale prices.


Our service options include:

  • For free advice on what to plant where, bring us your photos or diagrams, accompanied by measurements of your existing garden layout, when you visit our nursery to shop for plants
  • Arrange for a trained landscaper to consult with you for two hours, on-site, at your home. A modest fee is charged for this service, but depending on the total amount you spend on your plant purchase at Windy Willows, (R7 000 or R14 000), half of, or your entire design fee, will be returned to you – as a discount
  • Do your own installation – we’ve got a wide variety of suitable plants to choose from
  • Engage a Windy Willows team to complete your installation, for an additional fee
  • Optional additional services also include paving, brickwork, brick flowerbed edging, as well as the design and installation of irrigation systems.


Free Advice

Our practical advice is not only free; it’s invaluable. A host of important factors are particularly pertinent to landscaping small gardens effectively and successfully, including the following:

  • Grouping plants with similar water requirements together.
  • Which plants to place behind and which in the foreground.
  • Trees which are suitable for small gardens and which trees to avoid in small spaces because of invasive, potentially damaging root systems.
  • How many plants of each species to install to avoid later overcrowding when the plants mature.
  • And a great deal more.


Your beautifully laid out small garden should provide you with years of joy and pleasure for a modest initial investment. If you ever want to sell your property, the dividends of having utilised professional landscaping services may be significant.