Understanding the Environmental Advantages of Rainwater Harvesting with Water Tanks

With the recent unseasonal storms in most parts of the country, it has become evident that harvesting water by installing water tanks is more important than ever. As a growing nursery, Windy Willows understands how vital water is to survival and would like to take this opportunity to expand on the ecological benefits that rainwater harvesting has.


Why Consider Rainwater Collection?Water Tanks | Rainwater Harvesting with Water Tanks

Making the most of the resources at your disposal will make a difference in providing a more sustainable future. Using water tanks to collect excess rainwater is the first step to alleviating the burden placed on municipal systems and the ideal water backup system. As much as natural water sources, such as lakes and dams, are replenished through rainwater the fact is that this is simply not enough for ever-increasing population growth.

Rainwater harvesting systems are relatively simplistic to set up. Water tanks can be placed around your property and used for irrigation or become part of a more extensive system including plumbing. Besides relieving the financial strain of ever-increasing water costs, the advantages that these collection systems have to the environment are vast.


Reduced Water Run-Off

Infrastructure is there to provide you with sealed tarred road surfaces and parking structures which, although convenient, unfortunately does not consider water run-off. During times of heavy rainfall, excess water filters into sewer systems that are unable to cope with the large volumes of water. This in turn leads to it being discharged back into the area full of contaminants and harmful chemicals.

By installing water tanks, a large percentage of rainwater can be collected thereby greatly reducing the number of pollutants in the surface run-off water from entering stormwater drainage systems or seeping into the ground.


Reducing the Strain on Groundwater

Many industries and households depend on alternate water sources such as boreholes. As effective as this is, during times of drought and with constant over-use this can lead to aquifers drying up. Collecting rainwater in water tanks lessens the dependency on groundwater, giving nature a chance to replenish.


Saving on Carbon Emissions

Water from sewer systems is transported to water treatment facilities which rely heavily on pumps to transport and treat the water. If more businesses and residences invest in water tanks and make a considerable effort towards rainwater harvesting and water storage, this will greatly reduce energy-intensive water treatment processes and alleviate the amount of harmful carbon emitted.


Healthier Soil and Vegetation

Rainwater is natural, giving plants the right balanced pH for sustainable growth. Chemicals are used in the main water supply for human consumption and when used in gardens can alter the pH levels in the soil which directly impacts the health of plants. Installing water tanks to collect rainwater from roofs provides you with nutrient-rich water and plants and it keeps soil hydrated naturally.

Rainwater harvesting has more environmental benefits than one would think. From reducing carbon emissions to having healthy soil all year round, it makes perfect sense to invest in water tanks for greywater use and as they can be stored above or below ground, you can make considerable in-roads towards future water storage.


Save Water This Season

Windy Willows offers a variety of water tanks suitable for rainwater harvesting and will set up a basic, intermediate, or advanced system for you. With El Nino looming, the possibility of droughts in some regions and water scarcity in most, it’s time to look towards water security and ecological balance. Contact us and we will assist you in taking the first step towards a comprehensive approach to sustainable water management.