Rainwater harvesting allows you to start conserving water to use. Rural communities that don’t have access to an adequate supply of water, drought-stricken urban areas and several industries rely on seasonal rainfall to collect and use when other sources, such as wells, are low or polluted. Conserving natural resources is key to a sustainable future and Windy Willows can assist you in taking the first step towards holistic water management through rainwater harvesting.


What is Rainwater Harvesting?

There is a distinct difference between harvesting water from dams, lakes and wells and collecting run-off water from surfaces. Rainwater harvesting is a water conservation technique that involves the channelling or collection of excess water from a variety of surfaces such as rooftops, parking lots, hill slopes, driveways and more into storage tanks. Through a properly planned piping system, the water can be used for irrigation, grey water and, with the installation of filtration, drinking water. This sustainable practice helps to reduce reliance on municipal supply, contributes to water-use efficiency and assists in conserving groundwater resources.


Factors to Consider When Collecting RainwaterRainwater Harvesting | A Start to Water Conservation

With water scarcity being a growing concern, Windy Willows understands how vital rainwater harvesting is to preserving this finite resource and how you can start making a difference by investing in storage tanks. Before delving into the numerous benefits of rainwater collection, we would like you to take into account the following considerations that may affect the quantity of water that can be stored.


Unpredictable weather patterns

If you have lived in an area long enough you can gauge annual rainfall patterns which can help you select the right-sized storage tank. As the weather can be unpredictable, you need to factor in that your storage tank may not fill up as quickly as you would like.


Catchment area

Whether you intend on collecting rainwater from your roof or simply plan on having a free-standing tank to catch the water as it falls, the conditions of the catchment area will impact the amount of water stored. The material that your rooftop is made from, clean gutters and unblocked downpipes make a significant difference to the quantity of water collected.


Storage tank capacity

The amount of water that can be collected from a catchment area is directly proportional to the storage capacity of your water tanks. If the predicted volume of rainfall is substantially high and the capacity of your tank is limited to say 2500 litres, and you don’t have more than one tank positioned for collection around your property, your water storage won’t be as effective.


Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting

From poor water quality to having a supply of water when municipal services let you down, rainwater harvesting as a means of water conservation has numerous financial and ecological benefits.

  • Reduces storm water run-off from your property which in turn lessens contaminants filtering through sewer systems.
  • Should there be water restrictions or problems with municipal supply, the stored water can be used as a backup water system.
  • Rainwater is free so your only investment is in the tank and piping installation.
  • Harvested rainwater can be transferred to potable water if properly treated and filtered.
  • In areas where there is limited access to municipal water and where other sources are not financially viable to install, water storage through rainwater harvesting is the perfect economical solution.
  • As rain is the best source of growth for plants and restores the soil's natural pH balance, using your stored water for irrigation prevents harmful chemicals from affecting the health of your garden.


Custom-Designed Rainwater Harvesting Systems

As an established nursery, Windy Willows leads by example by informing communities about wise water management and conservation through rainwater harvesting systems. Whether you are a novice green finger or a legend in the garden, why not consider joining our happy community of satisfied customers? For friendly service, expert advice, informed opinions and great garden gear contact us.