Landscaping Ideas for Summer

South Africa is officially heading into the summer months and we all know that our gardens are going to need a lot of tender love and care. As we’re spending more time outdoors and enjoying the warmer turn of the seasons, you may feel it’s time to get back into your gardening groove. Landscaping may be just the solution, but that means you would need some inspiration.

landscaping servicesStanding Out

Summer is associated with sun, fun and eye-catching colour. A great way to add a pop of colour would be, for example, to paint your fence. A bold-coloured fence will contrast well with the lush green of your garden landscaping. A trend that has become quite popular recently is colour blocking. It is a method that uses literal blocks of colour to draw attention to parts of your garden. For example, an accent wall or pastel lawn chairs as backdrops for your favourite flower bed or pot plants.

Then, of course, there is the more traditional path to adding colour to your garden: flowers! Is your favourite colour purple? Then plant a lavender hedge. Maybe you prefer sunny yellow? Then there’s nothing more cheerful than a row of sunflowers. Windy Willows has a specialised plant selector so you can type in the variety of plants you may want for your landscaping, and our website will let you know if it’s in stock.

Beating the Heat

Unfortunately, enjoying that summer sun can lead to extreme heat which often means that homeowners would rather hide indoors in front of their fans and air conditioning. Instead, let your garden be a shady haven in which you can cool off during the hottest times of the day.

Planting trees are not only great for the environment but can cool your garden down drastically. By selecting fast-growing tree varieties or grown trees that are well-sized for your space, you can gain some natural shade while welcoming birdlife into your oasis. Man-made options, like a shading net, can be a good choice for your lovely patio area as well.

Being Water-wise

With water being such a scarce commodity nowadays, it’s always a smart option to make your garden as water-wise as possible. You can achieve this and still have beautiful landscaping in place by selecting the right plants and grouping and positioning them to be eye-catching and unique.

If you want to give your garden the much-needed revamp it deserves, Windy Willows is here for you. We offer landscaping services, advice, and products, so you are covered should you choose to remodel your garden.