The Different Types of Irrigation Systems

Until recently, it has been pretty dry in South Africa. Sure, we’ve had a few rainy days now, but as a proud owner of a beautiful garden oasis, you’re probably wondering if these rainy days will last long enough to properly drench your garden before the scorching months ahead.

Regardless of erratic rains, it is best to consider alternative methods to keep your garden green and lush this summer. The best solution is to install an irrigation system. And, you’re in luck because Windy Willows can offer you several convenient options. That’s right, there are various types of irrigation systems.


If you want an irrigation system that specifically caters to your precious flower beds, then a riser system would be the perfect fit for you. The reason they are perfect for flower beds is that they spray above the plant level, meaning all your flowers will be watered equally.

There are even different types of riser sprinklers, so you will definitely be spoiled for choice. There are the simple pipe risers which are the most common, and, since they are usually made from hard PVC plastic, they tend to endure for much longer. You can also have a drip irrigation system using a riser, which is done by simply attaching the drip emitter to the riser’s pipe. Or, if you want to go the slightly cheaper route, you can get poly cut-off risers, though these are usually more likely to break due to the poly material being quite soft.

Pop-Up Sprinklers

Pop-ups are most commonly used for lawns as they disappear (or pop back) into the ground when not in use. Another reason is that they more evenly water your lawn, much like natural rain would.

Being out of sight isn’t their only benefit, though. They are also known for saving water as they eliminate water waste by sprinkling exactly where needed. This is especially true if you install an automated system which means that the sprinkler system won’t just stay on all day if you forget to turn off the tap.

Micro Misters

Micro misters are perfect for reaching all those annoyingly out-of-reach areas of the garden, which is why they are often used for more narrow beds and corners.

They even come with the added benefit of adding moisture to the air. This means that your garden will become noticeably cooler, so you can still enjoy sitting outside in this sure-to-be hot South African summer.

For all your irrigation system needs, come on down to Windy Willows. We can provide you with manual systems for a more affordable alternative or even help you with automated systems which can save on your water bill. Contact us today for a quote.