The Basics and Benefits of Residential Rainwater Harvesting


Rainwater harvesting is a practice that has been used by civilisations for centuries, specifically when farming lands called for crop irrigation. In the Indus Valley, huge vats carved into rock were used to collect torrential rain which fed entire communities. This primitive method of rainwater collection has since developed in leaps and bounds to the usually circular tanks that you see scattered throughout the rural and urban landscape bringing water relief during times of drought and intermittent or no municipal water supply. Whether needed as a backup or to be part of your greywater system, Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery’s rainwater harvesting systems offer a long-term sustainable solution to suit your budget.


Fundamental Principle of Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting,Benefits of Residential Rainwater Harvesting

Capturing rainwater where it falls is the fundamental principle behind rainwater collection. Typically, systems of gutters and downpipes capture run-off water from roofs channelling it into storage tanks. The key to efficient collection is using water close to the collection point, minimising dependence on energy-hungry distribution systems. Rainwater harvesting offers a sustainable and versatile water solution.


Why Invest in Storage Tanks?


Soaring awareness of water scarcity and climate change has sparked a surge in rainwater harvesting adoption by water-conscious garden enthusiasts and homeowners alike. The professionals at Windy Willows would like to explore this option with you. With the multitude of benefits this system affords, it might have you questioning why you haven’t yet considered this eco-friendly and cost-effective idea.


  1. Reducing monthly costs

To put into perspective the amount of water that is used, we need to look at the average water consumption per household. Between 300 and 800 litres are used daily in a home for flushing toilets, washing, bathing, and cooking, to name a few. Factor into that equation that a garden sprinkler can use approximately 1000 litres of water per hour, it’s no wonder that monthly water bills are excessive. Rainwater harvesting systems installed for greywater use will significantly reduce your monthly usage, saving you money.


  1. Reducing stormwater run-off

Rainwater harvesting reduces the amount of stormwater run-off and assists in preventing the contamination of natural water sources, such as rivers and streams. Your garden soaks up a fair amount of rainfall. However, during heavy storms, excess water is automatically channelled over surfaces picking up pesticides, sediment and harmful fertilisers along its path which ultimately ends up in stormwater drains.


  1. Reducing soil erosion

Excessive rainfall can lead to the degradation of soil fertility, especially if there isn’t enough vegetation covering the soil. What happens in this instance is that the uncovered soil is washed away taking organic nutrients with it.


  1. Reducing reliance on finite resources

The biggest benefit of rainwater harvesting systems is water conservation. Reducing the demand for the municipal supply alleviates the pressure on this already dwindling finite resource. You also get to control the amount of water you store and use giving you much-needed water security.


From saving on monthly costs to doing your bit for water conservation, Windy Willows will install your rainwater harvesting system according to your water requirements.


Feeding Your Garden Naturally


As a growing nursery, we promote rainwater harvesting due to the benefits it brings to your garden, specifically plant health. Selecting to use your stored water for irrigation means that you are providing your plants with water that is free from chlorine and other harmful chemicals that are found in the municipal supply. More than just hydration, rainwater acts as a natural elixir for plants. Packed with essential nutrients, it nourishes them from root to leaf, flushing away the harmful salt buildup that can stunt growth. Think of your harvested rainwater as tiny gardeners gently washing away unwanted elements, leaving behind a healthier soil environment where your plants can thrive.


Whether your water needs dictate a basic rainwater collection system or the installation of pumps for irrigation purposes, Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery will ensure that your garden remains an oasis of tranquillity and a canvas of beauty the whole year round. Contact us and we will gladly assist you with water-wise flora purchases, landscaping ideas, rainwater harvesting systems and more.

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