Create Your Own Garden Paradise in Johannesburg: Browse Our Plants and Trees for Sale.

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Johannesburg has often been hailed as a concrete jungle, and this terminology originated for a good reason. The city is known for its bustling urban centres, fast-paced lifestyle, and built-up architecture. However, that does not mean that you cannot enjoy the wonders of lush greenery and gorgeous trees while living in this thriving metropolitan. While escapes to the bush are common for many city dwellers, many also enjoy the experience of coming home to an abundant garden after a long day in the office. This is where outdoor spaces and even balcony gardens can make a world of difference. Even a little greenery can go a long way, and planting trees, perennials, or shrubs can enhance wellbeing.

Plants For SaleThe benefits of being surrounded by plants and trees have been well-researched. They have a calming effect and can promote health and happiness. Some of their proven benefits include:


  • Improving Your Mood: Studies have shown that plants can enhance happiness and alleviate stress. Planting a garden with shrubs and trees can thus make you feel better and improve your mood.
  • Trees Release Oxygen: Trees are able to reduce pollution and enhance the quality of the air we breathe. This is particularly beneficial in a busy city where pollution is all too common. Planting trees thus directly impacts the environment and many who plant trees also feel good about doing their little bit for the planet. This adds to those positive feelings.
  • Enhances the Quality of Relationships: This is a pretty amazing fact. Studies have shown that those who are often surrounded by plants have better relationships with those around them. Giving the stress-relieving ability of plants, it is no wonder. Plants can lead to greater compassion, and this has an understandable impact on our relationships.
  • Leads to Better Concentration and Clarity: Studies have even shown that plants can directly impact our concentration levels. In a busy world, it is imperative that we take a moment to appreciate our natural surroundings and boost our brain’s function.


Choose Windy Willows for Trees and Plants in Johannesburg.

If you are looking to upgrade your garden space and want to buy quality plants and trees, then it is time to visit our growing nursery, located in Honeydew, Johannesburg. We are a 10-minute drive from Northgate Shopping Centre and are thus easily accessible. We pride ourselves on affordable, wholesale prices and our diverse variety of plants. We stock over 300 varieties of shrubs, trees, groundcovers, perennials, and herbs. Whether you are looking for indigenous plants or exotic ones, we have something for you.

Pop into our nursery and we will happily show you our wide selection for sale and advise you on what trees and plants will suit your space best. Customers are also welcome to bring photographs or diagrams of their garden, and we will gladly offer our free, in-house landscaping service. For a modest fee, we can also send one of our experienced landscapers to your garden. Whatever your planting needs, we are excited to be a part of your gardening adventure and inspire those green fingers!