Create a Whole New Garden with Our Trees for Sale

At Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery, we believe in giving our customers a choice between a wide variety of indigenous and exotic plant species. When it comes to our trees for sale, you certainly will not be starved for options.

We propagate and stock only the finest quality trees, and because we are a wholesale nursery that grows plants on site, you can be assured that you are getting well-priced, cared for plants. If you are searching for some trees to beautify your yard, have a look below at some of the fan favourites we are home to.

The Sweet Thorn

The Sweet Thorn tree (also known as the Acacia Karoo or Soetdoring) is a small- to medium-sized indigenous tree that is possibly one of the most interesting trees South Africa has to offer. This evergreen tree is favoured by birds who strategically place their nests amongst the thorns to avoid predators. Giraffes are also known to indulge in the small, sweet leaves of this tree.

The Lesser Bushbaby species enjoys the sweet edible gum that seeps from the tree’s bark, and humans can even make use of the gum, leaves, and bark for medicinal purposes. When the Sweet Thorn feels threatened, a chemical reaction occurs where the tree is able to change the taste of its leaves from sweet to bitter, which prevents over-grazing from animals.

The White Stinkwood

The White Stinkwood is a deciduous tree that is wonderful for shade, due to the hemispherical canopy it forms. The flowers of this indigenous tree are quite small and pale yellow or green in colour, while the fruit is berry-like and relies on the manure of frugivorous animals (such as monkeys and birds) to disperse its seeds. This tree is hardy, enjoys plenty of sun, and requires only a medium amount of water to thrive.

The Jacaranda

Known as the purple ceiling that lines some prominent streets in the city of Pretoria, this exotic tree’s first two South African saplings were planted here in 1888 after being imported from Brazil. This alien tree is a natural native of Jamaica, Cuba, Central and South America, Mexico, and the Bahamas. The Jacaranda adores full sun, requires a medium amount of water, and makes for excellent firewood.

The Cocos Palm

The Cocos Palm (sometimes called the “queen palm”) is an evergreen, exotic tree that is frost-tender and prefers full sun. This tree is native to tropical South America, which means that it requires a high amount of water, and so, it is well-suited to areas that receive a lot of rain. The medium-sized, ornamental palm produces fruit that many birds and small animals enjoy, and we find it is a popular choice for urban landscaping.

If any of the above trees interest you, or if you would like to know more about the other trees we have for sale, feel free to contact Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery through our website or email. You can also subscribe to our monthly mailing list to receive information about all the specials we have on offer.