Save Money, Energy, and Time: Invest in a Garden Irrigation System Today.

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In recent years, most South Africans have become aware of the necessity and relevance of water-saving efforts and conservation. With the prospect of drought constantly looming as every summer approaches, many of us strive to keep our water usage down in an effort to conserve this vital resource. Added to these concerns about water shortages are the inevitable hikes in municipal water bills. Water is a precious commodity and watering our gardens can become an expensive and worrisome feat. This is one of the reasons why water irrigation systems are such a hit and why many are choosing to landscape their gardens with water-wise plants and systems in place.

Garden Irrigation System

Irrigation systems are available in many varieties and can be specifically tailored to suit your garden and its unique needs. Separate irrigation zones can be created for different parts of your garden, and this is one such way in which water and money can be saved. Flower beds and grass need varying degrees of water, and if your plants are grouped accordingly, you can water the different parts of your garden at different times. Grass, for example, can often survive the winter months without regular watering, whereas flower beds need more regular watering. There are a few irrigation options, and your garden landscaper can advise you on what will work best for your garden. Some of our popular picks include:


  • Pop-Up Sprinklers: These are used for grassy spaces and will disappear when they are not being utilised.
  • Risers: These are best for your flower beds and will rise above the plant level to ensure that plants are effectively watered.
  • Micro Misters: These work well for narrower beds or plants that are more difficult to reach.
  • Manual Irrigation Systems: These are cheaper when it comes to installation, but users will have to manually turn the taps on when needed.
  • Automated Irrigation Systems: These systems are driven by a specialised controller and electronic taps. They switch on and off at pre-specified intervals and do not need human intervention in order to work. You can thus control when your garden is watered, and this is a superb choice for anyone with a busy work schedule or who travels regularly but wants to maintain their garden. Since they can be pre-programmed, users can also elect to turn them on later in the day, rather than watering their gardens when it is the hottest. This results in better water usage and ultimately, better plant care.


Chat with Our Landscapers About Garden Irrigation Systems.

If you are interested in making your garden more water-wise or want to find out about our garden irrigation systems, then visit our growing nursery in Honeydew, Johannesburg, and chat with one of our experienced landscapers. We will help you to find plants to suit your water-usage needs and can advise you on the best irrigation systems for your budget and garden design. If you want to save time and energy, and have a wonderfully lush garden, then opting for a garden irrigation system and a qualified landscaper is certainly the way to go.