A Beginner’s Guide to Landscaping

If you are an avid gardening enthusiast or if you own a garden or even if you’ve just been to a nursery a few times, you’ve probably come across the term “landscaping”. And, if you have an outdoor space, regardless of the size, there is potential to dig in and transform it into your personal oasis. So, some of us scope out the situation, and with little experience of our own bring out the DIY tools and get started and, voila, your garden has been transformed.

Often, we soon find out that it’s not as simple as that at all. Let’s take a moment to understand what landscaping is and how you can apply it to your garden, even as a novice green thumb.

What is Landscaping?

landscapingLandscaping, to put it simply, is the process of modifying or changing the landscape of your garden. This can incorporate a multitude of aspects, features, and ideas. For example, you might be feeling like your garden isn’t representing the warmer months, so you might start changing certain elements to make it truly embody summer opting for a seasonal garden.

This can be done by planting more seasonal flowers and plants or trimming your hedges, trees and bushes. Other features can be less natural and come in the form of relaxing stone benches or stunning decorations added to your garden wall to brighten up your outdoor space. The possibilities are endless, so it can feel quite overwhelming at times.

Landscaping Tips for Beginners

To make the task feel less daunting, start by gathering inspiration and getting an idea of what you really want. Once you have your vision in mind, consider your garden’s layout, and where its sunny and shaded spots are situated. This will go a long way in helping you select greenery that will thrive in your space.

That way you won’t just be staring at the numerous plant options Windy Willows has to offer online, but you’ll be able to type what you are looking for into our convenient plant selector and take it from there.

Now you are ready to select and purchase your plants using our handy plant selector. Make sure you provide the necessary nourishment during planting by adding planting mediums and additives to your shopping list.   We have a variety of options including compost, potting soil, mulch, and lawn dressing, which can all be found online here.

Finally, if you still feel that getting your garden started seems like an overwhelming task or if you want more complicated additions, like a stone pathway or water feature, you could hire a landscaper. At Windy Willows, we offer expert landscaping services and advice to our customers. Enlist their specialised services by contacting us for a quote and let your outdoor aspirations come to life!