Landscaping in Johannesburg: Book Your Consultation at Windy Willows Today

If you have been dreaming of a garden that is so beautiful it could grace the cover of a popular home-design magazine, then it is time you booked a landscaping consultation with one of the best landscaping companies in Johannesburg. Landscaping is an art form in its own right and landscapers are able to modify an area of land and its visible features by taking into account architectural design, flora, soil type and quality, built features, available sunlight, and more. Landscaping has a myriad of benefits when it comes to transforming an outdoor area, and a consultation with one of our company’s experienced landscapers in Johannesburg might include the following;

  • landscape design;
  • choosing particular plants for various needs, including saving water, attracting particular insects or birds, growing an indigenous garden, or growing edible crops;
  • analysing soil type and preparing flower beds;
  • choosing trees without invasive root systems;
  • designing patios, walls, water features, pathways, and cobble edging for your unique space; and
  • finding plants that do well in particular weather conditions or are frost resistant.


Get Your Landscaping Consultation Fee Back When You Buy Plants at Windy Willows

landscaping johannesburgHere at Windy Willows, we offer our clients two types of landscaping services. Our first service is free landscaping advice, and this is available to anyone who visits our nursery in Honeydew. Simply bring in a photograph or diagram of the area that you wish to modify and one of our friendly staff members will offer you advice on suitable plants, quantity needed for your space, and possible layout. If you are looking for a more extensive consultation and you are in the Johannesburg vicinity or surrounds, you can book a two-hour at-home consultation with one of our trained landscapers.

This is a great idea for anyone who wants to revamp their outdoor space with the support of a professional garden designer. Customers can then choose whether they want to install their new landscape design themselves or opt for professional installation. Installation can also happen in stages to allow for greater affordability. You can tailor a timeline to suit your budget and thus landscaping does not have to be a financial stress or all happen in one go. Along with our consultations and planting advice, we are also able to make structural changes to your garden. Our services include the design and installation of pathways, patios, cobble edging, retaining walls, and paving.

As an added incentive to customers who are serious about transforming their gardens and creating an outdoor space that dreams are made of, we offer half of the design fees back to clients who spend over R7000 on their plant purchases. As a wholesale nursery, our plants are sold without additional mark-up and thus offer clients an affordable way to transform their space. If you are interested in booking a landscaping consultation in Johannesburg, then get in touch with us today. We are passionate about creating beautiful spaces and sharing our landscaping knowledge with our clients. With our vast array of plants and our undoubtedly green fingers and your vision of what you would like your dream garden to look like, we are sure we will make a formidable team. Book your consultation with one of the best landscaping companies today or visit us in store and chat to us about those garden dreams.