Ground Cover Plants versus Grass

If there’s one thing that has become synonymous with the very idea of a garden, it’s grass. Yes, most people cannot imagine a world in which a lush lawn is not a part of their yard. There have been some trends that have come and gone, like fully-paved gardens and rockeries. But, in the end, the grass is always greener where there is, well, grass.

However, some people have started using ground covers as a fresh, fun, and easy-to-maintain alternative to the traditional lawn. We here at Windy Willows consider the benefits of covering your yard with ground covers.


The Benefits of Ground Covers 

ground coverOne of the main benefits of ground covers, much like grass, is that it prevents soil erosion and the growth of weeds. Unlike grass, though, it is easy to maintain. You simply have to plant and water it and, once it’s established, leave it to its own devices. There is also no need to cut, trim, or mow ground covers, so it is certainly the lower-maintenance option of the two.

Compared to grass, this solution needs much less water. While watering is still necessary, especially in the drier seasons, it can be more easily managed with a drip irrigation system. We are happy to assist you with an irrigation plan should you choose this option. Our landscaper will measure your property and prepare the appropriate irrigation plan, which is included in the cost of your consultation. To make maintenance even easier than it already is, we also suggest installing a timer or automated system to take the fuss out of watering your grass alternative.


Types of Ground Covers

When it comes to this awesome trend, you are spoiled for choice. There are so many different types, ranging from easy to maintain to aesthetically pleasing.

When it comes to striking grass alternatives, there are quite a few ground cover options you could choose from. Some are listed here:

  • Flowering: This is the most attractive alternative to plain old grass and can add so much brightness. Plants like the Silver Carpet and Vygie/Ice Plant are perfect for this.
  • Evergreen: If you prefer year-round coverage, then look no further than evergreen cover. Dwarf Mondo Grass is great for sunnier areas, while the Australian Violet works in the shade.
  • Climbers: If you would like to include vertical greenery, the Creeping Fig is a great evergreen solution to cover the ground and walls.


If you would like to explore the exciting world of gardening, contact Windy Willows today or shop for your preferred plants online.