Different Types of Plant Nurseries

We all know what a plant nursery is or, at least, we think we do. After all, if you have a garden or grew up surrounded by any type of plant life, you probably have a ton of memories of strolling through the aisles of a nursery, surrounded by plants, pots, and lavish water features. You know that a nursery is a place where plants are grown for commercial purposes.

However, we here at Windy Willows want to let you know that there are different types of nurseries, and each has its own purpose. If you are a plant-lover and need to buy anything related to horticulture, it could be to your benefit to understand the differences between the types of plant nurseries and what they can provide you.



The Types of Plant Nurseries

What are the differences between the types of nurseries, their purposes and how can they benefit you? Let’s take a look:

Plant Nurseries

  • Permanent Nursery. This type is what most of us are familiar with and has several sub-categories that fall under the umbrella term of “permanent”, like wholesale or retail. A permanent nursery is usually centrally located to attract more customers in an area. The advantage to this is that they tend to be well laid-out and designed since they don’t move around. This is what appeals to the public. Since they stay put, they make sure that their plants are well-supplied with water. These nurseries are usually well-managed and stocked, so you are guaranteed satisfaction.
  • Temporary Nursery. These types are not as common as a permanent nursery. As the name suggests, this type is only a temporary feature in an area. Think stalls at a farmer’s market or pop-up stores. These tend to be more affordable as the capital and upkeep costs are lower than those of a permanent nursery. They can also be convenient if you find yourself on the move constantly as you may just see a stall on the roadside on your way to another destination.
  • Mail-Order/Online Nursery. There are subcategories of permanent or temporary nurseries. So, let’s start with one that is slightly more modern. Like any other online store, an online or mail-order nursery focuses on selling its products online and shipping them to its clients. The fantastic benefit to this is that it is super convenient. Without having to leave your home, you can order and receive your plants, and the website makes it easy to check what the nursery has in stock. Just take a look at our handy online Plant Selector! Yes, that’s right, Windy Willows is online and can deliver to you directly.
  • Retail Nursery. Once again, the clue to what this nursery does is in the name. Retailers sell plants and other products to retail customers at retail prices. While some retail centres do grow their own stock, many also purchase plants from wholesale stores. Since the focus is to sell to customers, your needs are almost always guaranteed to be met. Retailers tend to provide what they have noticed sells well, i.e. popular plants and trending landscaping
  • Wholesale Nursery. These centres pride themselves on growing their own plants and maintaining them for sale. As such, having a knowledgeable team is of the utmost importance. Buying wholesale means buying directly from the farm and from staff you can trust. That’s what Windy Willows is all about! The advantage to shopping at a wholesale nursery, other than the professional horticulturalists at your disposal, is that the prices tend to be cheaper than retail. So, you can purchase anything from striking indigenous trees to rare exotic plants for a much better deal and could also get the planting mediums and additives that you need while you’re at it.

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If you’re looking to explore your plant options at one of the top nurseries in the Roodepoort area, then visit Windy Willows, contact us or shop online today.