The Best Plants for Shade and Sun

Being a resident of South Africa, the one thing you will most certainly be used to is the sun. And, with our long warm seasons, your beautiful garden probably gets a lot of sun. There are also plenty of shaded gardens, whether due to the location of the garden area, netting or well-placed trees.

In most cases, gardens have their fair share of both. But this leaves many garden owners with a slight conundrum: which types of plants should they buy? Luckily, Windy Willows is here to help, and we offer a list of plants that are best for the shade and best for the sun so that all the spots in your garden can be cultivated and enjoyed.


The 4 Best Plants for the Shade

If you are in the mood to add some greenery to your shaded areas, then look no further than these:Plants For Sale

  1. Foxglove: Adding a dash of colour is super easy with foxglove, which thrives in semi-shade (and sun, so you don’t have to worry if the rays fall on it during parts of the day). We would personally recommend Creeping Foxglove as they are perfect for hanging baskets and their pretty white flowers are quite eye-catching.
  2. Agapantha: This hardy flower is popular as it is easy to grow and adds a subtle sea of white or purple to any garden bed. They are especially popular to plant in flowerbeds and next to pavements. If you want to keep it indigenous, you can try the African Lily.
  3. Orange Clivia: Keep your garden bright with the Orange Clivia, which is great for mass planting under trees. This perennial plant blooms in early spring.
  4. Fern: There is no better plant to cover shaded spots than ferns. They practically belong under your trees or near your water feature. A perfect example would be the majestic Norfolk Tree Fern.


The 4 Best Plants for the Sun 

If you want to make use of the sunny weather without having to worry about it destroying your flora, then check these out:

  1. Lavender: Always a fan favourite as it not only brings soft colour into your space but also smells fantastic. Also, they’re perfect for gardens, large and small. You can choose the typical Lavender bush or even try out our striking Lavender trees.
  2. Hibiscus: Another shrub that offers up splashes of colourful flowers for your patch of heaven. They work well in containers and are quite hardy.
  3. Agave: How could we not mention a succulent? This is one of the easiest types of plants to maintain, as they are water-wise and thrive in the sunlight. We have Twin Flower and Caribbean Agave in stock, so you can spruce up your rockery garden.
  4. Aloe: This is another plant that is almost synonymous with the sun and they have a unique beauty to boot. If you also want to attract birds, we’d suggest Bitter Aloe as the perfect addition to your garden.

The best part of all is that there are many more options that we stock. So, make use of our handy Plant Selector and choose the light selection that suits your needs. You can also feel free to contact us for queries and quotes.