It’s Astounding What One Can Buy Online Nowadays

For the longest time, the sale of ornamental plants was resistant to its inevitable online marketplace, with plant purchases being seen as a necessarily visceral and immediately gratifying experience. Along came the now refined internet with all of its tech-savvy and smart presentation, and right behind it came a global lockdown we’re still trying to make sense of, another huge push towards online life.

Today, pushing a virtual trolley through an online plant shop reveals two things. Firstly, the feeling of excitement and anticipation remains when buying online, thanks in large part to the ornamental plant industry’s formation of standards on container size and expectations of what a plant in a specified container size should look like. Put another way, the industry does have a common expectation or standard for the various types of plants on offer within the trade, and modern consumers recognise it. Previous fears around buying something that looks great online, only to have substandard plants delivered afterwards, are evaporating.

Both growers and consumers understand that a certain level of quality can be expected. Anyone selling anything online will surely go bang if their presentation isn’t accurate anyway, and if they deliver goods that don’t match their online presentation, it’s a short route to oblivion. McDonald’s can get away with it perhaps, but no one else can!


An Online Plant Shop Offers the Maximum Variety, and You’ll Keep Your Shoes Clean Too!

Trudging about a muddy nursery on a cold, wet day has a certain appeal as an alternative to what we normally experience down at the mall, but that has limited value. It’s far more pleasant to shop online for plants, and the modern online plant shop will have lots of information about each plant or associated hardware item. Moreover, you’re sitting right there, online, and being able to immediately Google for some more information or see pictures of mature versions of the plants you’re choosing has been another great enabler of online green shopping.

In fact, online plant stores have at least as much credibility as their land-based counterparts, and if you look at a grower like Windy Willows online, you can also be assured that the pictures you are viewing are of plants currently available, in the nursery, or planted around the company grounds. In fact, if anything, shopping online at Windy Willows can be an even more gratifying experience than walking through the average retail outlet, because the plants you’re seeing have been grown and are growing on the premises right now, and their presentation online comes without any embellishment or other undue adornment. No risk of disappointment, no flowery displays to cloud your thinking, just good quality, well-grown plants.


Windy Willows is Your Best Option for an Online Plant Shop with the Right Stuff

Visit Windy Willows online for a great selection of plants great and small. We supply direct from the farm, so you can be assured of getting hardy plants that are exactly what you saw online. We’re a long-standing company with decades of growing under the belt, and we aim to supply everyone’s needs, and at a price that makes you smile!

Buy safely from us online-we’re all about friendly service and quality plants!