Have You Visited an Online Plant Shop Lately?

That’s right, it’s not just fast fashion and tech gadgets that are available from online stores. Gardeners too can log in to get their cup of tea, as well populated and comprehensive online plant shops emerge on the web. While it was previously assumed by the nursery industry in South Africa that buying plants had to remain a very tactile experience, with lots of in-person touching and looking, that hasn’t proved to be the case. Indeed, gardeners too want the ease and convenience of online shopping and ordering, and with modern delivery times shrinking every year, the gratification of a plant purchase is still very much immediate, or nearly so!

Smart gardeners will get their ordering done online during the week, so come the weekend when they’re ready to get stuck in, the plants they’ve chosen, and the supplementary goods are on hand. Visiting an online plant shop is as gratifying as being there in person, except you won’t get your shoes muddy! The better online plant shops have extremely detailed and well-built sites that make navigation easy and logical, making it quicker and easier to find exactly what you’re after.

What to Look for in an Online Plant Shop

Of course, green things have been available online for years, but florists and other peripheral players of the gardening trade can’t hope to present dedicated gardeners or those with the will to get stuck in and landscape their garden themselves, with everything they need. In fact-and here’s a hot tip-take a good look at the online plant shop you visit when shopping plants and see if there is a consistency of some nature in their pics or other display. In other words, rather than a middleman sourcing from every else’s catalogue and posting them online (a green dropshipper if you will) are they growing those plants? Are you on a grower’s site? There might be a similarity in the soil, the bags, or something else that shows you that these plants were grown in the same nursery.

It’s an indication that the plant shop you’re in is the welcoming arm of growing concern, and that’s good news. It might not seem like such a big deal, but you’ll get the best variety of best-performing plants for Gauteng on a grower’s site, along with the best advice, as well as an extremely prompt and friendly response. Growers are B2B performers, and accustomed to quick responses, prompt deliveries, and service with a smile. Unlike those who buy and sell on, a grower’s reputation is also far more directly tied in with the plants’ performance, so you can be assured of getting quality, hardy plants that won’t keel over at the first hint of drought or cold.

Windy Willows’ Online Plant Shop is Waiting

Ask any keen gardener and they’ll tell you-shopping at a grower is the best! For sheer variety, for the joy of being able to liaise and ask questions around plants that interest you, for the benefit of prompt delivery at affordable prices, shop at a grower! Windy Willows is a well-known and extremely well-established nursery and has been an industry supplier in Gauteng for decades. Visit our online plant shop that is fully e-commerce enabled-shop our extensive range, put it in the cart, and we’ll be dropping your goodies at your door in next to no time. Get the best variety and best advice from Windy Willows-we are here to keep you green!