Why Every Home Needs a Water Backup System

If you are a homeowner, then you will benefit from installing a water backup system. There are a range of advantages to having a backup system installed and it can be a simple process if you choose to install it through Windy Willows.  

The Benefits of Having a Water Backup System

With increasing water shortages and municipal shutdowns, it is already evident how backup water tanks can offer you peace of mind in knowing that you always have a consistent supply on hand at your home. Still, there are many more benefits to this:

  1. Unlimited Access to Water. Doesn’t that sound like a dream come true? It’s quite possible with a backup system. Rampant loadshedding has, unfortunately, started to affect the city reservoirs. As such, many areas have been experiencing days without water due to what has become known as ‘water outages.’ However, if you install a backup water system, you can wave the stress of depleted taps goodbye and enjoy access to your water supply once more. We offer various tank sizes to accommodate your household water supply needs. Our tank sizes range from 1 000 litres to 10 000 litres. Our most popular options are the 2 000- and 5 000-litre tanks.
  2. It Can be Automated. While manual systems are available, there are also conveniently automated backup water systems. Instead of having to do the work of filling a tank up yourself, a pressure pump will detect when water levels are low and fill the tank automatically with municipal water. Once full, a valve closes off the tank. When you cannot access municipal water from the mains, a pressure pump will run water from the tank and to your house.
  3. It’s Environmentally Friendly. If you consider yourself an environmental warrior or even if you are simply choosing to be a little “greener” in your daily life, then opt for a rainwater harvesting water backup system. Not only will you enjoy the benefits during the rainy seasons, but you will also relieve pressure from the municipal dams and reservoirs. Still, if there is no rain, you won’t be without water. A float valve will make sure that your water remains at a certain level. If it does drop below this level, the tank will automatically be filled with municipal water instead. Windy Willows also offers rainwater harvesting systems and installations.

  Water Backup System  

What Is Needed for a Water Backup System

Depending on the option you select, when you choose a water backup system from Windy Willows, we will install:

  • A Tank. If you are unsure of what size you may need, keep in mind that the average household uses over 200 litres per person per day, depending on the use. This means that a four-person household would need over 800 litres per day. So, a 2 000-litre tank would provide approximately two days’ worth of backup water. You are free to select a tank size most suited to your household needs.
  • A Foundation. The tank will need a solid foundation to be placed on. This is usually in the form of a cement base, which we can install with the rest of your system.
  • A Pressure Pump. For automatic refilling, you will need a pressure pump to pump the water from the tank into your home.
  • A Tap. For instances where you may manually need to retrieve water from the tank, a tap will need to be fitted.
  • A Connection to the Main Water Supply. A fully integrated system must be connected to the main supply via piping. This is especially necessary for tanks that will be filled with municipal water.
  • A Float Valve Kit. For the system to be automated, you will need a float valve which will automatically switch your pump on and off as needed.

If you are looking to install your very own water backup system, contact us today and we will provide a turnkey solution that best suits your household needs.