Garden Landscape Design Trends for 2022

Even in these cold winter months, there’s nothing more satisfying than enjoying your beautiful garden with a trendy garden landscape design. Even when you’re freezing and huddled up in your warmest winter coat, there is something comforting about being surrounded by nature. There’s a quiet peace and uplifting rejuvenation to be found amongst the plant life, especially so in a well-designed garden. But, when looking at garden landscape design ideas, it can become overwhelming to choose a garden landscape design for your outdoor space.

Do you opt for a Japanese-style garden or a desert oasis? The choices are infinite making it difficult to commit to only one. That’s exactly why we at Windy Willows are sharing this year’s garden landscape design trends that have taken the gardening world by storm. One theme that is at the heart of every trend is environmentalism and sustainability.


What Garden Landscape Design Trends are Making Waves?Garden Landscape Design ideas - Landscaping

2022 has seen a massive rise in all things green. The internet is dominated by images of influencers or celebrities’ sprawling homes surrounded by greenery. Thankfully, the cool kids seem to love nature and, as such, sustainability has become the number one key factor. But, which specific garden landscape design trends are really standing out in the plethora of ideas? Let’s take a look:

  • Immersive gardens: This trend emphasises the beauty hidden in imperfections. It does this by making use of both landscaping and natural materials that are neutrally toned and richly textured. It also focuses on indigenous plants that are neatly trimmed to create a welcoming atmosphere. It makes you feel like you are stepping into a whole new world every time you walk into your garden.
  • Water-wise plants: Water is a precious resource – one we don’t want to waste or deplete. That is why many people have taken to planting plants that do not require vast amounts of water to thrive. If you are also keen on becoming an environmental ally, you can use our handy plant selector to find the plants that have a lower water intake. Some of our personal favourites include the Cape Honeysuckle, which is excellent for hedges, and Agapanthus, which look great in flower beds. If you want to save even more water, we suggest you consider rainwater harvesting for your irrigation system.
  • Recycled products: The motto we should all live by is ‘reduce, re-use, recycle’. 2022 is the year of eco-friendliness! This trend is not only cost-effective but has heaps of potential. You can take old household items and repurpose them into bird houses and pots. You can repaint and polish old wood to create homemade outdoor wall art. The sky is the limit! And you’re doing the environment a favour.
  • Metals: Many materials can be incorporated into a garden landscape design. Currently, metal is making the rounds. Yes, metal is bringing modernity into nature. What a fabulous combo for the urban outdoor space. It can be used in many ways, such as planters, shading, and water features, but the most common seems to be for patio structures.
  • Low-carbon landscaping: This trend focuses on the health benefits of gardening, both mental and physical. It entails planting indigenous plants and growing your own food, like vegetables and herbs. There’s nothing more rewarding than consuming what you have grown. To get on board with this trend, start with a handy herb garden.
  • Fake grass: Artificial grass used to replace grass is becoming more popular because it improves sustainability. It also saves much more water and requires less maintenance than regular lawns. Keeping your lawn pristine all year round is now possible. Dot your lawn with planters containing lush shrubs, trees and colourful flowers, and you can still enjoy the best that nature has to offer.

If you want your garden to stay on-trend this year, then visit or contact us today to assist you with gorgeous garden landscape design.

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