The Importance of a Plant Nursery – A Greener Future for the Environment, Community & Economy

Many of us have visited a nursery at one point or another. But have you ever stopped to think about what they give back to the environment, community and economy?


At Windy Willows, we understand the importance of plant nurseries and their contribution not only to agriculture but also to the economy and community as a whole. Read on to find out what nurseries contribute and, hopefully, if you’re not a plant lover yet, you can share in our passion for plants.


What is the Importance of a Plant Nursery to the Environment?


The environment needs to be taken care of to ensure the next generation’s future on this planet, which is why so many people have gone green in recent garden landscaping trends. But how do plant nurseries help the environment?


  1. Preserve rare/endangered/native plants. Many nurseries stock indigenous This means that more native plants will be planted in future in an effort to preserve the natural landscape of the area. The same can be said for some types of medicinal plants and even some rare and endangered plants.
  2. Preserve nature. The preservation does not stop with plants alone. Many insects and animals depend on plants for survival. Not to mention that flowers attract insects like bees which play a vital role in pollination. Nurseries, therefore, contribute to safeguarding the ecosystem.
  3. Crop uniformity. Since plants in a nursery are not simply left to their own devices, it means that uniformity can be maintained through optimal plant care. Staff will ensure that any defective plants or seeds are removed, keeping plants healthy and reducing the threat of harmful weeds spreading.


What is the Importance of  Plant Nurseries to the Community?


Plants aren’t only a huge help to the environment. They also elevate communities, in turn improving our lives too.Nursery Walk Way


  1. Purchasing made easy. Most of us enjoy nature and like having a little piece of it in our homes and offices. If nurseries didn’t exist, it may not be easy to acquire our favourite plants. In fact, you would probably have to travel quite a distance to visit a farm where you can purchase a small piece of greenery. Many nurseries also offer online shopping allowing you to enjoy the convenience of getting your plants delivered to your doorstep at the click of a button.
  2. Save some money. When more plant nurseries open their doors in an area, the chances of them lowering their prices to maintain a competitive edge are likely. This allows you, the consumer, to gain access to plants and products at great prices.
  3. Not just plants. Nurseries also tend to offer many related services and products, like landscaping, irrigation, planting additives and mediums. This promotes the convenience of one-stop shopping for customers while boosting employment.


What is the Importance of a Plant Nursery to the Economy?


Finally, like any other business, nurseries are good for the economy.


  1. Job creation. In South Africa, unemployment rates are high. However, since there are a variety of services and products associated with plant nurseries, the need for staff increases allowing for more employment opportunities.


  1. Production growth. The agricultural industry has a large impact on a country’s GDP. As plant nurseries produce and cultivate products that contribute to this sector, they contribute to boosting the sector and the economy overall.


There is no underestimating the value of plant nurseries for a greener future for the consumer, community and economy. Support your local nursery today by visiting Windy Willows or contacting us for more information.