The Importance of a Plant Nursery

At its base form, a plant nursery is a place where various plants are grown, nurtured and taken care of, and then sold. It is also a place where you can purchase the miscellaneous items you may need for gardening. But what is the importance of a nursery?

Nurseries hold some importance for the environment and community. They are not just homes for plants or quaint stores brimming with greenery. We at Windy Willows explore what makes nurseries so important to us and their surroundings.


A Plant Nursery Serves a Bigger Purpose

A nursery is home to a variety of plants, from saplings to grown plants and from native to exotic species. They also tend to cater for indoor and outdoor species and, to the gardener’s delight, have something for everyone, whether you are an experienced green thumb or a newbie. Still, their importance lies in other, perhaps less obvious, aspects:Plant Nurseries - Nursery

  1. Caring for Seedlings. In the first weeks of germination, seedlings must acquire the best in care and this is what nurseries offer them. Nursery flower beds allow for easy care and equal distribution of water, so each seedling gets exactly what it needs to mature into a grown plant. A nursery also offers a sanctuary for the seedling to become accustomed to the natural environment without getting damaged.
  2. Repopulating Barren Farmlands. Unfortunately, due to a variety of factors, many plots of land, especially on farmlands, become barren or infertile. This can happen for many reasons, such as drought or over-grazing. In these cases, nursery-grown plants can be planted to regenerate these areas by allowing them to regrow and repopulate. This form of replacement has hugely benefitted many farmers and, as a result, the economy.
  3. Getting the Timing Right. In terms of repopulation, timing is everything. These casualties of nature need to be replaced during the same year they were planted. In this case, nurseries can be relied upon as they tend to grow and stock a variety of plants throughout the year, so there are always plants available. This can be especially helpful when it comes to vegetable production.
  4. Improving Mental Health. There is no denying that all things green are good for the soul. In fact, it has been proven that plants can have quite a positive impact on your mental health and can help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. This, in turn, affects your physical health as it can lead to reduced blood pressure and fewer stress-induced headaches.
  5. Providing High-quality Products. Since nurseries are run by professionals, it is no surprise that the plants grown there are all healthy and of the highest quality. But plants aren’t the only high-quality products available. Most nurseries will offer miscellaneous items for gardening, such as planting additives and mediums and even custom garden pots.
  6. Making Plants Easier to Purchase. The existence of plant nurseries means that you don’t have to grow plants from seeds unless you would like to. Anyone can go to a nursery and surround themselves with thriving greenery. For added convenience, you may also enjoy doing online shopping from some nurseries. At Windy Willows, it’s as easy as using our plant selector, choosing your plants of choice, and adding them to your cart.
  7. Saving the Environment. Plants are fantastic for the environment. After all, you can’t ‘go green’ without the greenery. They produce oxygen and are an essential part of a healthy ecosystem. Plant nurseries not only help grow the plants that aid the environment, but they even encourage the populace to do the same. Now, you can take home your very own clean-air producers and get family and friends to do the same.

If you can recognise the importance of plant nurseries and would like to do your part in supporting them, feel free to contact us today.