Landscaping Ideas for 2022

The excitement of the new year is slowly fading and we’re settling into our usual routines. Yes, the holidays and parties are now over, and it’s back to the grindstone for many of us. But this doesn’t have to mean that your garden has to revert to the old and dull. In fact, maybe 2022 is the perfect time to start revitalising your personal oasis. The new year can mean new beginnings for you and your patch of land. Windy Willows is here to inspire you with landscaping ideas for 2022.


Landscaping Trends in the New Year

A new year is a new season for many of us and, with it comes exciting new trends. Windy Willows has cultivated a list of some of our favourite landscaping trends for 2022, just for you:

landscape ideas - Landscaping

  1. Going Green: The urge to go green has reached the gardening world and central to this is sustainability. This means that, while irrigation will remain important to nurture and grow new plants in your garden, they should be able to live without regular watering. This is achieved through “naturalistic planting” which is focused on choosing plants that are most suited to the environment. In this way, they will require minimum care and you will help sustain the planet. Windy Willows makes this process even easier by offering you our handy plant selector, which assists you in finding the perfect plant matches for your garden and natural area.
  2. Solid Paths are out, Gravel is in: Speaking of sustainability which seems to be the overall focus of this year’s trends, people are opting for sustainable solutions when it comes to their garden paths with the use of materials like gravel and wood chips. These options are much better for planting and drainage, not to mention they’re also more cost-effective than solid stone paths. Gravel tends to be more flexible when it comes to design, allowing you to explore various styles and design options. Windy Willows can offer you more advice on paving and pathways with our exceptional landscaping
  3. All Natural: Outdoor décor has also seen a surge of green, figuratively. It’s all about choosing materials that are natural and practical, while still incorporating beauty and style into your outdoor living space. Here, opt for ceramics, granite, and glass.

To stay on trend this year, add a fresh feel to your garden and go green with Windy Willows. Contact us for landscaping quotes today.