Rather Buy Your Plants from a Nursery

Plants have an amazing effect on our mental health. If you’re feeling down, all it takes to turn that frown upside down is seeing your vibrant potted plants thriving in your home or enjoying a warm cup of tea immersed in your beautiful garden. At Windy Willows, we are aware of the positive properties that plants can have on our lives which is why we take such pride in our quality offering and encourage you to rather buy directly from a nursery.

Why is it Better to Buy from a Nursery?

When you are looking to shop for plant life, it can be difficult to decide where to buy from. After all, you want to make sure that you’re spending your time and money wisely. However, how can you know for sure that buying from a nursery is better than just visiting your nearest chain store? Consider the reasons below.

Plant Nursery

Cheaper is not always better:

Some retail stores may offer more affordable products, either because they have bought the plants in bulk, or they are running a discount or sale. But be careful not to sacrifice quality. At our wholesale nursery, the plants are all sourced directly from the farm. So, quality is guaranteed. Plus, you still won’t have to break the bank as the plants are also sold at wholesale prices and we offer multiple products on sale High quality at a fair price? It’s a win-win.

Diversity over limitations:

Since many retail stores buy their products in bulk you may assume that there would be a variety of options, but this is not always the case. These stores tend to sell popular or common options to guarantee sales. It also means that available sizes are limited as floor space is usually more restricted. At a nursery, you are more likely to find local and rare plants. Use our Plant Selector to search through our vast catalogue of plants, including indigenous plants, like the Baby sun rose, and exotic plants, like the Bougainvillea and the Sacred Bamboo.

Experience is key:

While retail stores offer a wide range of different products (you can buy cleaning products and food in one store, after all), it means that the staff are not usually knowledgeable and trained in the plant and related products available in the store. At Windy Willows, we are proud of our specialised and knowledgeable staff. We can meet our clients’ various gardening needs and are happy to provide advice and assistance to enhance your gardening experience. For those who need an expert helping hand, we also offer landscaping and irrigation services. Our team of trained staff makes sure that the plants you are buying will have been taken care of properly until the day you take them home.

Support your community:

Buying at a local nursery is also a great way to support your community. Instead of shopping at large, chain franchises, you can support a local business and buying fresh wholesale plants means that your local farmers are also receiving the support they deserve.

Indigenous options galore:

Nurseries not only have a wider variety of plants available to the public, but they also tend to stock a large selection of indigenous plant life. This can spare you much maintenance in the long term as native plants are specifically adapted to thrive here in South Africa. Two of our top picks when it comes to indigenous plants are Cooper’s Aloe and the Jade Plant.

There is always more:

Shopping at retail stores can be great, there’s no denying that. And it can be convenient to find yourself at the mall and come across the perfect pot plant to display on your desk. However, retail outlets, unlike nurseries, do not often supply gardening materials. So, if you need to purchase planting mediums and additives, then visit a nursery instead which is curated to supply all your garden needs.

If you want to start expanding your plant family, whether you are a pot plant parent or a full-on gardener, then contact us at Windy Willows today.