Rainwater Harvesting Systems Can Save You Cash

If you’re like most metropolitan South Africans, water and electricity are no longer small items at the end of your monthly bills but have grown to become sizeable expenses month to month. Ergo the very much accelerating trend for homeowners to install a rainwater harvesting system, although it must be said that most DIY installations never actually supply a drop for their intended purpose!

rainwater harvesting system supplier

It’s not that rainwater harvesting systems are so complex-they’re fairly basic engineering-but rather the fact that installing a rainwater harvesting system is the kind of thing best done by those who do it every day. Missing an elbow join there, or a clamp or two here?  Any of us might perform a first-time installation of new equipment inefficiently, because we don’t know all of the tips and tricks, nor can we foresee all needed components, when it’s something unfamiliar. That’s just the way DIY projects roll, but it does unfortunately mean that rains come and go (down the drain) while the “harvesting system” stands incomplete for months, and very often for years.

Lean on a Rainwater Harvesting System Supplier You Can Trust

A big push behind DIY rainwater utility systems is the fact that they are, indeed, seemingly simple to erect. Combined with the desire not to pay for things you can do yourself, it explains why so many empty or incomplete and useless rainwater tanks dot suburbia today. The ideal installation is cost-effective, performs exactly as desired, and doesn’t require any additional add-ons, nor much longer-term maintenance either, as an added bonus.

For that, it’s best to lean on a rainwater harvesting system supplier you can trust, and here are some questions to ask yourself to establish who’s trustworthy and a good fit:
• Do they speak the right language?
• Are they nodding at each requirement you have of your system, indicating that they understand your aims completely?
• How many systems have they installed?
• Do they have a list of references of satisfied clients?
• Do they carry the necessary stock and how soon can they start, and will operations be over in a day?

These are all questions that any reputable rainwater harvesting company can answer and in doing so, reassure you of their expertise and level of operation.

Windy Willows Can Supply the Goods and Install Them Too

Allowing a professional outfit to get in, get it done, and get out is the most cost-effective route to getting the benefits of rainwater for free, for ever more! Rather than contribute to the rainwater tank graveyard now so visible across suburbs in all major SA towns, be one of those who completes the installation correctly and starts to glean the benefits immediately post-installation.

Windy Willows has a long and satisfying track record of rainwater harvesting system supply, and we install accurately, swiftly, and with the minimum of mess and fuss. You can trust us as a prominent rainwater harvesting system supplier serving greater Gauteng for many years, and we’ll equip you correctly and speedily so that you can still catch a whack of the last summer rains. Call us-we’re here to serve you!