Garden Landscaping – Going with the Pros or Doing it Yourself

When it comes to garden landscaping, every garden owner needs to make an important decision: should they hire a professional or simply do it themselves?

At Windy Willows, we understand what makes this such a difficult decision. Every homeowner takes great pride in their garden, whether it is a spacious, majestic wonder or a small slice of heaven. So, when looking at maximising your garden’s function and appeal with landscaping, then you would want to make the best possible choice.

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Garden Landscaping: Hiring a Professional

When something is truly valuable to you, getting a trained specialist who knows what they’re doing to get the job done seems like the best course of action. After all, why struggle and do it all yourself when there are nurseries that offer immaculate garden landscaping services?

Despite the fact that it may require a bigger investment on your part, there are many excellent benefits to working with a professional:

1) Stay Up-to-date and Trendy:

Since it is a competitive industry, landscaping professionals are always required to stay updated on the latest gardening trends and innovations. This means that they will impart functional and fitting landscaping trends that suit your garden, location and climate, which, in turn, means that your oasis will look fresh and stylish.

2) Get Some Guidance:

Even if you have been gardening for years, we’ve all benefitted from a helping hand or tips and tricks from a fellow green thumb. This is where hiring a landscaper comes in handy. Who better to give you informative guidelines than a professional?

3) Get High-quality Products:

Being in the industry also comes with its perks. A landscaper will have a professional network of partners and suppliers who will get exactly what you need for your space often also at reasonable prices. They will also know exactly which planting mediums and additives to use. Landscapers are knowledgeable about the plants that best suit the environment you live in.

Garden Landscaping: Doing it DIY

Hiring a professional is all good and well, but if you’re on a budget or prefer to explore landscaping and gardening on your own, then the good news is that you can do it yourself.

It may even benefit you:

1) The Ideal Home DIY Project:

Is there anything more satisfying than not only starting a project but finishing it? It can be so satisfying getting your hands dirty with designing and planting your new garden and watching your personal paradise come to life in front of you. Plus, it is an excellent family downtime activity. Still, if you are doubtful of your design prowess, you could always get in touch with a landscaper for advice and recommendations or to even draw up a design layout for you. That way, you can simply follow the instructions.

2) Save Money:

Opting for a DIY project can be the more cost-effective option but can also be costly if you are not mindful of the costs of plants, mediums and additives and the equipment you will need. Look out for discounts and sales when you tackle your landscaping on your own.

3) Have a Smaller Garden?:

It is possible to be your own landscaper if you have a smaller garden as it will not be as labour-intensive and time-consuming to dig in and do it yourself. Still, professionals often know clever tricks to turn a tiny space into a seemingly large area giving the feeling of openness that we often seek in our gardens.

4) Have a Big Garden?:

If you do have a larger garden, don’t fret. The job will be bigger and harder, but there are ways around this. If you go the DIY route, you could divide your garden into quadrants and only work in one section at a time to lessen the immediate workload. Ideally, hiring a landscaper for these large projects (like laying pavement and demarcating walkways) will bring you the most peace of mind.

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