Lower Priced Plants Under Windy Willows’ Shade Cloth Canopies

There’s an oft used saying: “Everyone (or everything) has its price”. This saying is usually used to denote that virtually everything may be sold, providing that the price is sufficiently high or high enough to ensure that the conclusion of the sale is completely irresistible to a reluctant seller.

It’s an offer that the disinclined seller simply cannot refuse, because it is too tempting – so immensely attractive and beyond expectations that objections cannot withstand the temptation of accepting the buyer’s offer.

Loving Low Prices

However, the converse is a typical scenario which one encounters most often, irrespective of buyers’ financial circumstances and status. People love low prices, special promotional offers, sales of all descriptions, discounts – bulk or other, bargains, and goods offered at prices that are lower than the norm or those charged by a particular industry in general.

This applies virtually across the board, be the products anything from perfumes to tempt the senses, to plants that beautify the garden and green spaces, enhance a greener way of living, whilst reducing one’s carbon footprint on our environment.

Why Plant Prices Increase

Plant prices increase periodically, mainly driven by higher input costs. Various unavoidable factors affect plant prices, factors over which a plant grower or retailer has very little or no control. These include seasonal influences, such as prevailing ambient temperatures, rainfall, or drought, plus the price of electricity and fuel, labour costs, fertiliser prices, rental of premises, or bond costs and essential marketing initiatives.

How Windy Willows Offers Low Plant Prices

Regardless of what a business sells, it must sell its commodities at prices that are higher than what it costs to produce a product or render a service, otherwise the business will fail and cease to exist. At Windy Willows, we’ve designed our operations according to plans that enable us to keep costs comparatively low, thereby allowing us to offer our customers wholesale plant prices.

We own and operate our own plant growing farm and nursery outlet from which we sell our plants. Customers therefore buy directly from the grower/nursery, obviating the need for any “middlemen” to promote our plants to retailers that serve the public

As a grower, Windy Willows nursery does not have to pay another grower, who adds a profit margin to their plant prices, on top of which we would need to add our own profit margin, all of which would have been passed on to customers as higher marketplace prices

Our professional landscaping service is exceptionally affordable or may even be “free”. We charge landscaping customers a nominal fee for a 2-hour, on-site consultation, providing them with a customised landscaping sketch plan, including details of which plants to buy and where to plant them, as well as how many of each they should acquire. The total amount of plant purchases at the low wholesale prices from our nursery determines the discount percentage accorded to the customer, as a discount set off against the initial consultation fee, which becomes “free” above a specified total amount.

You’re invited to visit our nursery, browse through the premium plants on display beneath our shade cloth canopies and shop for plants to your heart’s content, getting more for your money and your garden at low, low prices.